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  • Ex-smoker

    Well tonight i was at the meeting and i got really pissed. During the local needs part the gave the C.O.s report of the congragation then the PO started harping on the fact that 50% of the cong is low hour publishers. He started saying how we need to keep up with the avg of 9.6 i looked over at my dad and he looked so sad. I hate the way they make him feel so small because hes only able to do a couple of hours a month. On a positive note i got to talk to the elders and postpone the Baptism Questions(Praise the lord) To my suprise they didnt try to convince otherwise just said when i am ready i can let them know. I am so grateful for JWD it gives me a place where i can talk about my feelings with out being judged. Thanks for being here guys Ex-smoker

  • karvel

    hahaha..in my daily rummaging through father's briefcase i found a list with all the "low hour" publishers; and, to my absolute consternation, i was on it!!!!!!!1111ELEVENTYONE111

  • Gopher

    The 9.6 hours per month is an AVERAGE figure. Normally, half would be above that figure and half in the group would be below. Although where I was there were enough high-hour publishers so that the MAJORITY of publishers were "below average".

    It's just statistics. They should be happy people spend any time at all spreading that boring literature around.

  • Hortensia

    your poor dad - breaks my heart. Kiss the old dear for me, and let him know how valuable he is. God I hate those crappy people for making everyone else feel "less than."

  • karvel

    oh, did i mention that i think we're in the same hall?

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