JESUS isn't BUSY!!!

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  • Terry

    All of creation groaned for his arrival with anguish and anticipaton!

    The great and the small prepared for his coming with awe and keen gladness.

    Then, 1914!! War broke out in heaven and Satan was cast down to Earth.

    The birth of God's Kingdom!!

    Jesus was ready to begin ruling in the midst of his enemies!

    He chose among all the true-believers on Earth whom he would allow to represent his Kingdom.

    The preaching work began!

    Then.....what happened?


    Turns out, Jesus isn't busy.

    He picked the wrong frickin' group!!

    The Kingdom message got sidetracked, distorted and misrepresented!

    Jehovah's grand plan was derailed by incompetency!

    OH, JESUS---how could you?



    No, not really.

    The Ancient Worthies will be resurrected in 1925--let's build them a mansion in San Diego!

    Never happened! Oops! The Watchtower Society president will have to live there instead!

    The Great Pyramid contains measurements which reveal Jehovah's plan and dates!

    No. All a lie of Satan. Sorry, wrong number.

    Aluminum cookware is poison. Germs don't cause disease. Pasteurizing milk is a dangerous lie! Publish it in magazines and take it door to door!

    Oops! Wrong. Wrong. WRONG!!

    Sorry, wrong number.


    Apparently, nothing.

    The end of six thousand years of human existence is coming in 1975!! Famine will wipe out Earth's food supply! Overpopulation will cram starving souls like sardines into cans!


    Never happened!

    You took those books door to door. You held 6 month bible studies to prepare the householder. It never happened!

    Whose fault? YOURS!

    JESUS isn't BUSY doing anything with or for the Watchtower bible and tract society.

    Why not?

    He didn't return in 1914, that's why!

    All those faithful rank and file members have been engaged in a door to door work of spreading lies (unbeknownst).

    What should they do? Wait on Jehovah?

    For what? For Jesus to come YET AGAIN?

    Don't think so.

  • Leolaia
  • Terry

    But.....I was pithy! (for once!)

  • JCanon

    Hi Terry!

    Interpretation is everything. If you have the wrong interpretation, then your results will seem unfulfilled.

    You're obviously intelligent. So you'll understand this. In the Bible it mentions these four beasts that come out of the sea. A Lion, a Bear, a 4-winged Leopared, and an ambiguous 4th beast not like the others. Now most interpret this as another example of successive world powers. But in fact, all these beasts exist together. We know this because the 4th beast is killed before the other three, who is said to have given up their power at that time. That means they had the power before the 4th beast was killed, right? Thus these are actively ruling entities!

    Further, the beasts don't interact with each other. When the Bible described the Medo-Persian Empire overthrown by Greece, represented by a he-goat killing a ram, the he-goat kills and thus replaces the ram. That is successive! You have one power ruling at a time.

    But the WTS and many others don't realize that these four beasts who don't interact with each other and where the first three mentioned survive the 4th cannot be successive! These are clearly 4 concurrent entities existing at the same time. I can explain what they are, but that's not the point here. The point is, if you were expecting fulfillment with successfive world powers then you don't see the actual fulfillment of these 4 beasts as concurrent powers! Therefore, you think the Bible is not fulfilled. But the problem is simply misinterpretation of the reference.

    So whether the Bible is truy or whether Jesus is busy or not is a matter of perspective and Biblical interpretation. For some the Christ they are expecting has not arrived. For others he has arrived and fulfilling every detail of prophecy, including WHEN he would arrive. The Bible is a book of confusion and disappointment for some, but a book of amazing fulfilled prophecies for others.


  • sacolton

    I think the Governing Body needs to install CALLER ID on their telephones because whoever is giving them the Divine Communication sure isn't God.

  • wings
    But.....I was pithy! (for once!)

    I loved it! Leolaia you are amazing.

    The things one might miss if not stuck on the computer all day.

  • Terry
    You're obviously intelligent. So you'll understand this.

    I flunked this one.

  • JCanon
    You're obviously intelligent. So you'll understand this.

    I flunked this one.

    No you didn't, Terry. You just don't want to look at this. ANYBODY can see how easy it is to understand some things once it is explained to them. It is very fundamental. And what's more, it is so clear that you can see where the WTS is teaching falsely. Here's just one more try for you: In Revelation a woman gives birth to a child, the messiah, quite clearly. She is in fear. She flees from Satan to a place in the wilderness where he cannot reach her. Satan disgorges a river to try and drown her though. This doesn't work because the earth comes to swallow up that river. In the meantime, her child-messiah is caught up to God. Now what does this or could this symbolize? Now if you were criticizing the WTS' explanation who thinks this woman is God's heavenly wife, you'd easily see this is not the case. That's because, for one, if Satan is kicked out of Heaven, how possibly is Satan a threat to anybody in heaven? Further, didn't Michael and those same angels just fight with Satan and kick Satan out of heaven along with 1/3 of the angels? So why NOW are they so afraid of Satan that they are running from him? And is the "wilderness" representing some secretive place in heaven where Satan cannot attack her? Again? At this point Satan is no longer in heaven. And what about the river? Clearly false propaganda, but the angels loyal to Jehovah have rejected Satan's false propaganda already, how are they influenced? You see? It doesn't work. But what does it actually best tell us? Well the Bible says: "Rejoice you heavens and woe to the earth!" So this womanly organization if on the earth, would be vulnerable to Satan who comes with great anger. She would need a place to hide, so God does so in the wilderness. See? You agree with me already? I'm making sense, right? Okay... The river Satan disgorges is all this pseudo-scientific intellectual double-talk that contradicts the Bible. But the Bible itself and more stable evidence swallows up this river that might have drowned her. Like all the evidence from the NB Period records supporting the current timeline that is you check it out can be dated to later periods and later "copies" that were revised, etc. Or the VAT4956's attempt to hide what the original chronology was. It swallows up all the arguments about why 587 BCE was the true date for the fall of Jerusalem, etc. Plus she believes in the Bible first, so if the Bible contradicts these arguments, no matter how convincing, they don't work on her. If the Bible says man is less than 5,000 years old and some scientific theory comes up with something that contradicts that, they just reject it, presuming the scientists aren't competent enouch to understand their own evidence--whatever. Further, obviously, this woman must be Christ's followers who have a secret life hidden from the dragon. That's not that hard to understand. But what about the child-messiah? Easy! This is just one of her members that have been chosen to be the messiah. His being caught up to God represents his being transferred to the bosom position of the Father, like Lazarus. But at this point, indeed, one might be confused becuase now you have TWO messiahs. One born from the earth from this secret society of the woman and Michael in heaven whose already there. How can this be? I then come in and answer it. I say, that at the second coming, which is the context of these things, Satan being kicked out of heaven, et. Christ is combined with the earthly messiah and they become ONE! Thus this is the means by which Christ enters the human family again and becomes one of them, by taking up the identity of this willing volunteer for this task. So ultimately, you only have a two-messiah situation from the time that second messiah is born until that final instant when they become one together. Per the Bible this happens in 1992 when you have the corrected chronology from the NB Period or you just calculate 45 years after the Jews are restored to Palestine in 1947, which is an easier reference. See? The Bible shows us that. That the messiah is in the imperfect flesh at the second coming is indicated by the Pentecost wave offering of leavened bread. It is different than the first time, of unleavened bread. Not hard. Very consistent. No problem. Also, God confirms this is truly the messiah and identifies him by a heavenly sign called the "sign of the Son of man." Well, did that sign appear? Yup! Sure did. I have a photograph of the actual sign! And the WTS clearly knows about it and that it has been appearing to the anointed, but of course, it references this in Freemason style, which is in cryptic artwork. More of their Freemasonry, Knights Templar training. Now is that all that difficult? At this point there is nothing really sensational about how Christ arrives in the flesh at the second coming other than the profound choice God made. But think! Jesus as the Bride Class of "144,000" (actually 1,440,000) have to rule the earth as king-priests for ONE THOUSAND YEARS! Doesn't it make sense they would be on the earth to do this, rather than in heaven? How can you rule from heaven in a direct way to your individual constituencies? So, of course, these king-priests are on the earth and in the flesh. But once you get to this point, where it is clear how the Bible represents the second king-priest arrival of the messiah. You are curious as to really did the messiah arrive, right? Well you know about WHEN he has to arrive, which is during 1992-1993. But how do you identify him? Does the Bible give any clues? YES. 1. He's black, looking like an Ethiopian or Egyptian. 2. He's obviously effeminate, a eunuch, and gay, since he is impaled in "Sodom." 3. If you interpret the Rich Man as the GB, then you can see there is a connection with JWs. 4. If you combine the subtle references as to why the prodigal son and Lazarus leave God and become spiritually dead, you discover it is due to homosexuality issues, and that apparently at one point it involves Lazarus having a weakness for straight men to whom he prostitutes himself, since a "dog" in the Bible represents straight men who like drag queens, basically, in ancient times. So you have a direct potentiality of the chosen messiah being a former transvestite. But at the same time, you can understand why this prodigal son is chosen. He's like Paul who was busy persecuting the Christians and was focussed and then Jesus thought: "Hey! I need this guy on MY side!!" So he recurited him. The prodigal son has hat in hand, ready to be just one of the servants, clearly humbled and willing to do anything to get back in God's favor. So God, being very smart, had him sign an agreement that he's accept any assignment and next thing he knows he's the next messiah. But at that point it's too late, right? He's already said any job is not too much, so he couldn't back out at this point. But it's fine, because who wouldn't want to be the messiah. Plus it involves what Lazarus loved the most, which is crtical and intensive research!! Lazarus loves knowledge, especially anything relating to the Bible, Bible history, etc. But you know, you kind of need a motivated person to be hiding out from assasins all the time, whatever. You need a person who is open to accommodate dealing with a lot of people, etc. which I knew that drill because I was an actor on stage before and I know that can be an opportunity to be gracious and kind but that it's demanding of your time. It's pleasant if you LIKE people. I like people. And I like everyday people. I just LOVE riding the bus and being with other people who ride the bus. That's why I loved Hawaii! I didn't have a car and the bus takes you everywhere, even though if you have the time you can ride your bide or walk; it's absolutely beautiful and usually the weather is great. If it rains, who cares, it's still warm. In a way I'm a lot like Diana Ross. She actually loves her audience. So she likes going into the audience and interacting with them. I don't know of any other star that can actually do that. Same with me. I just loved going into the audience for part of my performance. It was just fun being close to the people. So it's great I'm the messiah because people interest me, and not just the rich and talented, but the everyday person who has their own hidden beauty to discover. So, it's just NEAT! So you're pretening to be smart when you reject me and you pretend to be dumb when I try to explain things, but that's just your own defense mechanism being in denial that the Bible is true and that the chronologyh works and that everything is on-board except the WTS who got rejected. The WTS is false, but not the Bible. You are experiencing the SURPRISE ENDING Jehovah planned. The messiah sneaks up on you because he's like a thief? Just as the Bible said. As soon as more people catch on that I MIGHT be the true messiah, esspecially in the context of the WTS, not the believers that already know and believe but outsiders who suddenly want to acknowledge me, then Armageddon will soon arrive. Should be interesting and dramatic but it's already been that. The primary feeling will be that they waited this long to get to this point. You know, I was a low priority earlier, now I will become a primary priority. It's a lot of power to control the entire Christian world, is it not, especially their religious conscience, with political aims to rule the world as well. That won't make the current rulers very happy. Everybody wants their turn at bat, but the time for the world to be up to the plate is now expired. It's time for God to rule for 1000 years and see how that works out. Don't worry! I'll be a good messiah! I know I'm gay but I'm not going to have the earth painted pink!!! Not to worry! PInk is out! I was thinking more in terms of chartreuse or magenta! Should be fun!!! Everybody is going to wear madi gras beads and learn how to sing karaoke! I know, you can't wait, right? UR in denial.... that won't last. JC

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