Book Study Doubters: It's so confirmed

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  • Not Feeling It
    Not Feeling It

    Yo. It's a lock. Sunday is the day. I just got off the phone with my mom.

    I said, "So this bookstudy thing you emailed me about... It's been anounced?"

    Mom: "Well, in one congregation locally [here in Sometown, Florida] it has. But most halls will hear it Sunday for the public talk"

    [Editor's note: I suspect my mom is shining me a bit here. She probably heard from my dad who is tight with the PO]

    Me: "Oh so how'd that work?"

    Mom: "The PO got it in an email"

    Me: "An email!? They do that by email now?"

    Mom: "Yes, there is a computer at the Hall"

    [Editor's note: sounds like a treasure trove of information. You would think the WTS would not want anything on email given thier stance on the EVILnet]

    Me: "interesting"

    Mom: "They'll probably shorten all the parts since some stuff in the MS, KM are redundant. I think it'll be a good thing. But I will miss the more intimate part of the home BS at XXXXXX's house"

    Me: "Yeah"

    Mom: "Dad said the BS was the worst attended of all the meetings. So they change when they need to."

    Me: "Cool"

    Anyway. That settles it for me. I didn't ask when this would take effect since I won't be going back anyway. It's just so much shuffling deck chairs IMO.

    -- Not BSing It

  • daniel-p

    Email... yeah right. The Society would never use email to send confidential information to presiding overseers.

  • Fadeout

    And how do you know your mom is not just a JWD lurker (or participant?) who is dying to break some WTS news to you? ;-)

  • Priest73

    Teddy J. just IM'd me and said it's for reals yo.

  • Not Feeling It
    Not Feeling It
    Teddy J. just IM'd me and said it's for reals yo.

    Skrate up, G. Tha beeotch textez me alla friggin time. Rilly!

    -- N0+ CyB3r1n' !+

  • yknot
    "Dad said the BS was the worst attended of all the meetings. So they change when they need to"

    Not in my KH.....

    Many parents of 8-8:30 pm bedtime kids skip the TMS Tuesday night. (and many Financial Need comments)

    I personally don't take my kids to any meeting that is at night due to sleep routines. (Good to have unbelieving hubby to watch them).

    Our daytime BS is Saturday, it is packed.

  • blondie

    I can imagine that one of the big reasons the BS attendance is down is their studying the Revelation Climax book for the 4th time. People's eyes glazed over during the Isaiah and Daniel books as well.

  • bonnzo


    not sure, and i will try to find out, but email to p.o. is not far fetched. i think time is sent in to wts by computer as well as other things. again its probably a $ reason. of course, im just a lowly publisher(i fake most of my time) so im not in the loop.

  • SnakesInTheTower


    Email... yeah right. The Society would never use email to send confidential information to presiding overseers.

    you would think not...however, back in 2006, when I was still congregation secretary...the circuit overseer requested the email addresses of all the POs and secretaries.... he then forwarded several letters to us via that is one letter we received (it is still saved in my email box):

    Dear Brothers, Currently the good new is being preached in over 40 different lanquages in the United States. The branch has approved of some 400 lanquage classes in the past years to assist publishers who have a desire to preach to those in the foreign cummunity. They have also arranged for five day teaching seminars for qualified brothers who are elders, ministerial servants, or pioneers who already know Spanish or another lanquage. These seminars are to train potential instructors. Please check to see if any brothers in your congregation qualify for this seminar. If they have already attented they should not apply again. Thank you for assisting in this. If there is no qualified brother in your congregation, you need not reply to this e-mail. May Jehovah continue to bless your hard work in behalf of his sheep. XX{CO name edited}XXXXXXX XXX{Circuit # edited)XXx

    and this one:

    Dear Brothers, A number of congregations that have leftover copies of Kingdom News No. 37 are continuing to use them along with the regular literature offer. Some have inquired if publishers should count placements of the tract even though the four-week campaign has been completed. Please inform all the presiding overseers in your circuit that the number of Kingdom News No. 37 placed during the entire month of November should be counted and written on the back of the monthly field service report. Tracts placements will not be counted after November. Please accept an _expression of our Christian love and greetings. Thank you. XX{CO name edited}XXXXXXX XXX{Circuit # edited)XXx

    so Daniel, you are probably right about this....nothing earth shattering or confidential..we also received a couple of PDFs of letters from the Borg via the, I cannot find seems that if time is of the essence, they use it saves tons on postage/letter printing....I never seen anything confidential during my time as secretary sent email....I think anything that hot still comes in the monthly mailing to the PO or through letters to the CO and shared with elders but not copied........ but the fact that they are allowing email at all...and acknowledging that secretaries are using computers to store info (there was a letter years ago about not saving things to the hard drive...this was back before USB jump drives) Snakes ()

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