Police License Plate Scanner ... More Power to BIG BROTHER

by What-A-Coincidence 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • What-A-Coincidence


    Notice he said ... "the way we POLICE NORTH AMERICA". The North American Union is coming ... bye bye United States Sovereignty!

    Welcome the POLICE STATE!

  • hubert


    Here's another one for you.

    It won't be long before all our privileges are gone.


  • mkr32208

    "privilages" like drving around with a pocket full of crack? Or driving a stolen car or not having insurance? Here's a clue don't break the damn law!

  • Elsewhere

    I'm afraid you have it backwards... I should have the right to enjoy my privacy because I'm *not* doing anything wrong.

    In addition to this, I also believe that one of the characteristics of a free society is that individuals have the ability to break minor rules from time to time and not get caught or prosecuted.

    Can you honestly tell me that you have NEVER in your life EVER:

    • Exceeded the speed limit while driving
    • Parked for a moment without putting money in the parking meter
    • Failed to come to a full and complete stop at a stop sign
    • Failed to slow and yield at a flashing yellow light
    • Ran, even by accident, a red light
    • Enjoyed a toke at a party
    • Driven through a parking lot to avoid a traffic control device
    • Enjoyed an alcoholic beverage in public

    I'm sure posters here could come up with a long list of minor offences that are commonly over looked as a result of our living in a free society.

  • hubert

    mkr, I've never done drugs in my life, and never intend to. (Except prescription drugs, of course).

    I meant more in line with what Elsewhere said.

    I'm just thinking that if the government keeps adding new laws, sooner or later, it could become a police state, where they would have the right to search you even if you are walking to the grocery store.

    Kind of scary, isn't it?


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