Supreme Snow Day

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  • WTWizard

    With the REJECT Jesus Party so early this year, now is an appropriate time to start a thread about something the witlesses never gave me a straight answer to. What happens when they have to cancel the REJECT Jesus Party, say because it was snowing very hard or a huge thunderstorm makes it impossible to attend?

    Some of the answers I got from the hounders were--

    (1) We have it anyways. No matter how bad the snow, it is that important to have everyone at the REJECT Jesus Party, so we could hound and harass them.

    (2) They would hold it the next month in the event of a snow day.

    I know there are places that can get blizzards and ice storms, or severe thunderstorms or tornadoes, on the Black Sabbath. The mountains can get blizzards into May, and I have seen snow there in June on the Weather Channel. The region around Texas and Oklahoma tends to get tornadoes and big thunderstorms around that time of year. Ice can happen in the valleys in the West, as well as parts of New England away from the Seacoast. And, if they get a blizzard or ice storm there, it is that mucn more dangerous to get to the Kingdumb Hell for some stupid REJECT Jesus Party.

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