Body of Liars

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  • R.Crusoe

    Did you ever get to a point where you realised the elders are collectively deceiving you and your children from your own lives?

    A point where their claims not to lie were greatly surpased by their collective deception of tying your reality into knotts?

    In fact much as they claim the original sin was constructed - a deception and not a straightforward blatent lie!

    Did you ever become AWARE the elders are in fact conscious& unconscious deceivers?

  • Hope4Others

    Yes they do lie, theocratic warfare formerly known as the Rahab maneuver is alive

    and well, especially in judicial meetings. We have even had occasion with our children,

    where they had said we said this, this, and this, and it was reversed they had told us this

    information. I called them on it, I was a regular Pioneer at the time. They backed down right away.

    They feel they are on some kind of pedestal or something where you are not to

    question their integrity. "The truth comes ahead of the family arrangement". Where the

    bible indicates the fleshly family is the basic unit, they prefer to say the spiritual family is the

    basic unit and supersedes all other rights and privileges of the father head.

    Example: The Elders will have the gall to meet with your minor children without even your consent

    and still believe that they are fully justified and authorized biblically. Any justified protest that you make

    is seen as rebellion if not out right attempt to cover up wrong doing.


  • fokyc

    The elders in my wifes cong are without doubt the most prolific liars I have ever met in my 75 years on this planet.

    Recently they have been lying about the branch in London and the website,

    IF they really believe what they originally taught me, they are doomed to everlasting death,

    I just fail to understand them!

    My wife reckons they don't lie in the meetings, just to me at home!


  • lawrence

    When an organization dictates, "my way or the highway" then all forms of supporting that organization comes into play - deceit, coverups, character assasination, and downright malicious activities. Organizations come in all flavors - the Borg, the Catholic Church, the SS, Hells Angels, NAACP, the Republican Party, and all of them have many things in common, especially - when push comes to shove, the survival of the Orgnaization supecedes any individual's honesty, conscience, or well being. You MUST become a liar to remain an elder in a man's organization.

    Todays blessing to the GB - may you all choke, before another word exits your mouths.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    one former elder told me that at an elder meeting, he was told not to march too far ahead, unless he wanted to pull arrows off his back. This was stated in front of the body and no one objected.

    So then they lie for politics

  • R.Crusoe

    Did any of you feel the deceit of power used to lay a claim on your own family?

    An active organised motion to undermine you as deserving of your own, by ones who have no place in your family?

    People meddling with others lives to keep any heat of their own!

  • IP_SEC

    I've never known an elder to out right lie.

    Keep information from people? Yes, thats pretty common for higher ups to do in any organization.

  • R.Crusoe

    Do not be deceived IPSEC,

    The old words ' you will not die, it is because he does not want you to become like him knowing ood from bad...'

    And sure enough they did not drop dead at the point of having their fruit!

    Do not elders/wives behave much the same with family politics?

    And is any of what they decide ever repealed and delivered back to them in ways they delivered it unto others lives?

    Furthermore - their whole belief system is founded on deception = feeding the fear of satan!

    They are because satan lives - in them and through them!

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