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  • Hortensia

    so, when I was a teenager, I was an usher at the Old Globe theater in San Diego. It was fun, although it has permanently cured me of any desire to watch another Shakespeare play! I saw a bunch of them, over and over. Saw some neat things - like the actor who is Angelina Jolie's father played Hamlet one season. He was cute - then did Midnight Cowboy, I think. I saw another famous actor, before he was really famous, do an entire evening of e.e. cummings poetry. I loved that - I thought an entire evening of poetry would make me scream with boredom, but this was great. He went on to play bad guys in the movies - can't remember his name. In fact, if I saw any celebrities out here in PS area - where they are mighty thick on the ground - I wouldn't remember their names or wouldn't recognize them at all!

    I went to a neat play = The Unknown Soldier and His Wife. First time I ever thought about pacificism (a JW no less!) and it was the first time I heard Phil Ochs's The War is Over which is a hauntingly lovely song. I earned tickets to different things - went to an experimental play, god knows what it was about, with an older "sister" who wanted to see a play. At the end of the first act, the protagonist is set upon, beaten and stripped and the lights go out with him spread-eagled for all the world to see. The old sister said, in piercing tones, "well, if I wanted to look at a naked man, I could have stayed home!" I was embarrassed, but she had a point, eh?

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith
    the actor who is Angelina Jolie's father played Hamlet one season.

    John Voight? Cool! I like him as an actor. He's played some really cool roles.

  • changeling

    I would go to the theater with you anytime Hortensia. And I promise not to embarrass you!

    changeling :)

  • Hortensia

    yeah, Jon Voight...don't know why I can't remember his name. He was a really cute Hamlet - especially as far as a teenager was concerned. Now if only I could remember the other guy's name - who did the e.e.cummings evening. He had dark hair, kind of a widow's peak, and plays bad or strong guys. Changeling, I haven't been to a play in years and years...I seldom even go see a movie. However, the new Harry Potter movie is supposed to come out in November...wanna go?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The first show I saw in a theatre was Children of a Lesser God -- which is really eerie that you started this thread because I am almost at the end of wathcing it on TV tonight.

    I went to see it with a group of deaf friends. There was supposed to be an interpreter on the stage but there wasn't one so I sat on the floor in the aisle and translated. It was an odd way to see the show. After we went back stage to meet some of the actors.

    I got to see Phantom of the Opera which was phenomenal and interpreted Tartuffe which had everyone laughing. I would love to see that one without having to work.

    And since I have been in Ottawa I got to see an updated version of . . . drat I forgot the name.

    I would see another in a heartbeat if I got the chance and had the money at the right time

  • Leolaia

    I have been to see Broadway shows a number of times...Urinetown (with the old guy from "Northern Exposure), Putnum County State Spelling Bee (I loved it!), Avenue Q (great show!), Private Lives (with Alan Rickman), Noises Off (which was fun), Spamalot (which was disappointing because it wasn't the cast I expected), plus I saw a few plays in London -- including Shakespeare in the garden (Midsummer Night's Dream).

  • Finally-Free

    Ok, I have a lot of theatre memories, but none have anything to do with what was playing.

    Oh, to be young again...


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