flexed a little JWD muscle ( so good to be "in the loop")

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  • chickpea

    so i spoke about what was on my mind a few hours ago to a very sincere JW whom i never had any real issues with...

    we were both in attendance at an elementary school event and since she seemed glad enough to see me i sat next to her..... and listened to her updates on kids and grandkids.....

    every so often there was the knee-jerk JW commentary.... really, it is kinda like tourette's, the way these phrases just stream from their mouths......

    when we were parting company i used that line on her that " my family is doing so much better not marinating in that doom's day atmosphere"

    she started to defend the "atmosphere" but i stopped her by saying "that is all you have said thru this whole event, that the end near, people think that everything is fine, unaware of the coming end... the end .... the end"

    "well" she said, "it has to come sometime"

    "maybe they should stop trying to pin a time frame on it..... look at all the "new light"... the increase in the anointed.....another change to what generation means......all of it meant to just reel you out so they can reel you back in.... should we both live so long, we will be talking about it 10 years hence......"

    she is one of those you feel compassionate for.....none of her kids or grandkids is "in"..... single and alone if not for the "brothers"....she would not make it "out"....just exactly what the b0rg does best..... make drones who cannot survive without the collective....

    my parting comment was "so lemme hear from ya when your bookstudy breaks up"........immediately she asked if i was referring to the CBS conductor's plan to move house.....

    "nah... i heard somewhere that the bookstudy is gonna be moved to the same night as the ministry school and service meeting"

    i just let the crowd come between us and took my leave...slightly amused and slightly saddened

  • FlyingHighNow

    There's no one so blind as one who will not see.

    That said, are we absolutely certain that the bookstudy is going to the same night as the tMS?

  • chickpea

    as for certain there is to be a change.... i would say heavily favoured to be certain......

    if it is in error.... wont matter much, it will be dismissed as idle speculation..... which is a required course for dubs, anyway

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I feel so bad for folks in her shoes. I am so glad I got wind of the crap before I got too dependant on the "FIENDS".

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