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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Okay so what is happening in my life best friend for the past three yrs. is MOVING away to Chicago .

    She has been a lifeline for me as I left the cult life .We worked at a gift store together . She introduced me into how normal people live . She taught me all about having fun on weekends and yet maintaining somewhat of a Christian life. This woman is the happiest , most fun person I have ever known . She and her husband have been instrumental in helping my husband get over the guilt he felt leaving the witnesses . I am sad to see her move ,but we have promised to keep in touch .We will now live 2 and a half hrs. away from each other.

    Another thing that is going on in my life is that I now think all my children have chosen to fade from JW's !!! My oldest son and his wife have recently moved to a different state and so far have made no mention of attending a new hall . Every Sunday I speak to them they have been out house hunting ,shopping , or hiking ! I have been very quite about my views to them not wanting to scare them off . Now I think it might be safe to ask a few questions to see what they are thinking .

    My other adult son has not been to a meeting since last summer . He still doesn't bring up any topics so I let it be . However he is making new friends outside the cult and is talking about going back to college .

    Of course our youngest is totally free of JWism . He has put in an application to become a police officer and if that doesn't pan out is still considering the Coast Guard Reserves.

    It has been a few years now since our fade and things look better every day............. so to all newbies HANG IN THere !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for listening anyone .......

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Great news about your kids!!!

    Sorry to hear about your friend moving away, that's tough, but nowadays it's sooo much easier to keep in touch via the internet etc, and you'll just have to plan some "girls weekends" together a couple of times a year.

    Thanks for sharing your news!


  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    thanks BB , I don't update to often but I was feeling pretty positive after talking to my kids last night .

  • caliber

    Thank you, it's very refeshing to hear positive, optimistic, uplifting ,cheery stories and comments!


  • Hope4Others

    Its great to hear good news like this, and you are thoroughly enjoying the fade. Me Too! hope4others

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    You know Hope4others I have never been so at peace with myself .

    At first I had some guilt feelings and felt scared the Elders would hound us , but after some time has gone by I just don't care about it anymore . I actually wake up most mornings smiling ...not that I don't have the same usual problems as everyone does But there is just such a weight lifted off me now . An un-neccesary burden has been lifted .

    I feel sorry for my relatives still in .When we do talk which is very infrequent now , they just sound so negative and unhappy .Like I use to feel .

    Life is good .

  • ibme

    Trouble mind,

    I agree with Caliber's comment about you,

    "Thank you, it's very refeshing to hear positive, optimistic, uplifting,
    cheery stories and comments!"

    While me has been around the internet with H20 and JWD sense
    they came, the positive, optimistic, uplifting, cherry stories and
    comments are of lately lacking.

    In my personal life me will not have dealing with person who are
    always on the down side of life.

    If it would not be for my business me would probably be a hermit.

    That is probably why you always here me say here on JWD,

    "Me thinkin' me talkin' too much".

    Not much to talk about.

    Thanks for giving me something to talk about.

    Me is happy for you and your family.

    Wish you the best.

  • nelly136

    sounds promising Tm, hope things work out with your kids,

    2 1/2 hours away is quite a distance for up 'n visiting as regular as you would normally, but on the plus side.....somewhere to have a holiday break, or weekends away.

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