listen in to active witnesses and how they feel about the new announcement

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    kool aid man06

    We will be discussing the so called confirmed announcement concerning the Book Study on our conference call this Saturday night.We will be "spillling the beans" to those active Witnesses on the telephone line and get their reaction and their "spin" on what is supposed to be announced this Sunday.

    The third live telephone conference will take place on Saturday April 26 at 7p.m. EST. This call is open for anyone who has been "touched by the tentacles" of the Watchtower. This week's special guests will be Brenda Lee, author of the book OUT OF THE COCOON, a young woman's courageous flight from the grip of a religious cult. Also, a man who will tell his story about how he was raped at Bethel by a Governing Body member when he was younger. Many were surprised to hear the voice of an anointed Ministerial Servant joining in describing what's going on in the ever changing world of the Watchtower. Many listening in asked questions to the Ministerial Servant regarding the organization and he was not shy in answering. He said he would be joining in again this week and is going to try to bring in two other active Witnesses as well. The conference call is free of charge, there are no hidden costs, your only cost is your normal phone call rate.If you would like to join us on this huge party line, call this number (712) 432-8710 and when asked for pin number use pin number 9925. It's easy to participate. No computer is needed, just dial in and become part of a new format that is helping so many people.

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    I sure hope the announcement is for real.

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