Can love = ego?

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  • R.Crusoe

    It seems to me that some of us have an idea that the meaning of life is to find true love = a soulmate partner.

    But is this a western ego sold to us by romanticism?

    Is it a part of the natural worlds human charactersistic?

    Is it a bit of each and attainable only by the 'natural selection' within our speceis?

    Reality does seem ruthless and cruel!

    If two people love each other for life things seem to work out fine!

    But if one is deceived into commitment and later finds their goodwill betrayed or rejected what are they left with?

    A pain body? Is it a false ego they invested emotion in? Or religious conviction and love for god in?

    It seems to me that ego is that which cannot be sustained asa reality and leaves a person betrayed in some or multiple ways in spite of their sincerity = and likely because of their sincerity!

    So is the greatest risk of developing lasting ego (pain bodies), love?

  • R.Crusoe

    And did you ever get to a point where you realised the WT

    sold you a JEHOVAH SUPER EGO...

    and NOT a relationship with god?

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