What is the latest weekly schedule for Dubs these days?

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  • jookbeard

    It's been many years since I went to a meeting and my last ever contact was 1 afternoon of a D/C circa 1994, so what is the latest weekly schedule that Dubs have to turn in these days? In my time it was

    1) Tuesday evening book study in someones house (1 hour)

    2) Thursday ministry school and Service meeting (2hours)

    3) Sunday morning at 10am Public Talk and Watchtower Study(2 Hours) ,

    and if I tried hard enough 10 hours on the F/S is this still all the same? I remember some years back regular/auxiliary pioneer hours were dropped, has there been any other reductions/increases?

  • WTWizard

    If it stands (and, with all the threads about absorbing the book study with the Thursday boasting session, that is a big "if"), it is as follows:

    Sunday--Boasting session. They reduced the Public Talk to 30 minutes, reducing the time in the Kingdumb Hell. Those are at 9:30 AM or 12:30 PM (yours may vary). Keep in mind that the extra 15 minutes could well be eaten up by field circus.

    Tuesday--Book study (1 hour). The night will vary depending on congregation arrangements. This is what may be stricken if the announcement really is the deletion of the book study.

    Thursday--Theocraptic Misery "School(??)" and Circus Meeting. This totals 1 3/4 hours, as it stands. If they are going to add the Book Study, parts will be abbreviated and the times will come out the same or a total of 2 hours, depending on what exactly they do to adjust the times.

    All other times--Field circus.

  • yknot

    My Tuesday and Thursday flipped......

    We now have the School on Tuesday and BS of Thurs.

    We share KH so this year Sundays are in the afternoon.

    Hours spent is the same.

  • jookbeard

    what are the Regular/Auxiliary Pioneer hour requirements these days?

  • blondie

    50 - AUX

    70 - REG PIO

  • quietlyleaving

    If there is an assembly on the weekend the usual theocratic/service/bkstdy meeting is cancelled. This applies to when there is only a one day assembly too.

  • daniel-p

    Their weekly schedule? Something like this:

    Work, study meeting.

    Work, family study, meeting



    Work, meeting

    Meeting, work, study.

    Study, meeting, work.

    More work.

    More meetings.

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