Bush govt. FINALLY allows pentacle on soldiers tombstone..

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  • avishai
  • hillbilly

    If you ever get to deal with the VA about any issue you wouldnt be suprised about this.

    By the way... what bothers me more is that they can argue over a govt owned grave marker... but Vet's roam the streets representing a way too high percentage of the homeless and mentally ill in this country.

    Were is the outrage over this? Cross, Star of David or no mark at all... those options worked for years... take a trip to a VA hospital and visit those guys... look around.

    It's all relative.


  • dinah

    You got that right, hillbilly.

    I used to have to go to the VA often because of a job I had. If you have to go there for care, be prepared to sit there ALL DAY. The equipment was very old. It was just a very depressing place.

  • buffalosrfree

    having seen the comments on the VA i am somewhat surprised or am going to the "one" va hospital that actually cares about its patients. I have never had to wait long, 30 minutes at most, they have always been very polite and helpful, don't know where you are getting your info but in my experiences in three different states it has always been very good, even better than going to the on base hospitals. If you know of the bad ones by all means tell us and us veterans who use these hospitals will avoid the bad ones if possible, As far as the homeless, well some can't take it and they do need help, i made up my mind that my experiences in a war zone would never overly affect my life 10 years down the line and it never has (knock on wood).

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