Calling All Registered Nurses (RN's) Southern CA

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  • FiveShadows

    Okay, i'm fruistrated and about fed up with the community college. i've been driving back and forth 1 hour each way trying to establish my prereqs in order to get myself into the RN program. I have a LVN license but i'm fed up now. i'm tired, exhausted and need some help. Does ANYONE know ANY LVN-RN bridge program I can do in Southern CA? I've about given up on looking for that stuff online ...I am up for any RN's, in the Southern CA region that might've done this, that could help direct me which school that they attended and etc..

  • yknot

    Well I am not that familiar with all that is considered SoCal but I found this in for

    LVN to BSN in San Diego.

    LVN- RN

    What cities do you prefer?

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