Jehovahs Capitalists!

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  • R.Crusoe

    I thought about something I long saw in long term JWs!

    Many 2nd, 3rd generation with whole families in it up to their necks!

    And this title sums them up!

    Take a guy digging graves to bring home the money!

    Does he love the job, does he care about those he burries?

    Whether he does or doesn't is less of an issue than him needing to do what he does for his family and social circles!

    Many JWs/elders/ elders wives etc do exactly the same!!

    JWs keep 'digging and burying people' coz their LIFESTYLE INCOME (Jehovahs Capitalism) demands it as the price for their culture!

  • R.Crusoe

    Their expectation of you is immense!

    It is multifaceted!

    It is why when you leave you will experience an immediate network of pain bodies!


    An ongoing network of pain bodies attached to personal daily egos you have attached to any family or friends!


    Additional ones attached to frequent misalignemnt with your new lifestyle - of your visual body/persona and how it is responded to in the world at large!

    So it is a good thing if you are able to align with your formless self (inner self) and the permanent strength that lies there! The sooner the better because if you are too long in the arena of pain bodies - they are violent towards your inner self and keep it locked up till it hardly knows anything!

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