Just talked to an Elder in the parking lot of the KH in Monett

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  • Vernon Williams
    Vernon Williams

    To All,

    I have just a momment...replacing alternator on our Jeep....

    I saw one of the Elders that recomended I DA myself in '02 in parking lot....fairly long conversation....it ended like this:

    I commented that if he "really had the Truth" he would just stop by, we would enter into some discussions and he would prove me wrong. However, I told him, in my heart I know in your heart that you kinow I would prove the WT in error and you fear me because of it. It is your fear that keeps us from a discussion.

    There was a lot more...I might post that later.

    The JW Elders, I told my daughter, yesterday, must submit to two spiritual surgeries:

    First, they must submit to castration.

    And, second, a lo-bot-a-mee....flat lined from that time forward, yet, still breathing.

    And, I respected the opinion of these little boys with thier adult masks on???

    Funny, huh.......



  • Hope4Others

    You said: in your heart that you know I would prove the WT in error and you fear me because of it.

    That is an excellent comment to him.


  • Vernon Williams
    Vernon Williams

    This was the same Elder to whom I said the Apostal and Older Men in Jeruselem did NOT have international oversight in the first century....he said the next day: "What if you are right....does it really change anything??" (five years ago)

    In the word used by kids, now:


    Off to the Jeep repair....


  • caliber

    What is it with elders recommending to D.A. ones self ? Is it that everyone must pigeon hole, no loose ends, black &

    white thinking ?


  • flipper

    VERNON- That was a great response you gave to the elder. They really are in fear of us as faders ; but they'll never openly admit to that fear. The same way they wouldn't openly admit to being responsible for the child abuse scandal within their cult. Kind of makes the pope and the Catholic Church look pretty good now, eh ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • yknot

    looking forward for you to post more of you conversation.....

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