Did you believe in the commercialized doctrines of the WTS ?

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  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Probably one of the strongest reason for myself to leave the jws was the exploitive way they used the bible in support of their literature and books.

    I was one of those folks that started to re-think things after the 1975 hoopla. At that time the publishers had to buy their magazines and then try to sell them

    door to door out in service. And of course there was the overly hype surrounding new books that were to come out with the new supposed new light that they contained .

    My questioning of things began with the reasoning if the WTS was really under God's direction and guidance why are they professing all of these false prophecies to

    the devoted followers. The personal problems to my family and friends that this doctrine presented was easily not to take notice.

    After my gradual fade out in the early 80's I started to fit the pieces together and came to the conclusion that the WTS wasn't under any direction from a spiritual force at all

    but rather their own self direction and intentions. Another thing that had occurred to me which seemed obvious was I don't remember Jesus and his disciples selling his purpose

    and presence on earth by way of magazines for sale. In other words the Truth wasn't actually the Truth at all and I felt physiologically burned and rendered pissed off.

    Today I see the WTS as nothing more than a big Corporate Publishing house, who intensionally manipulated the belief in the bible to their own means.

    Nothing wholesome or good for anyone, well maybe only to the investment banks that are getting the money now.

    And lets not forget those ever present egos of those GB members that are sitting at the throne of God's organization on earth, the power, the power !

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  • yknot

    Some of it....

    I agree with you, if you wanna know the truth; follow the money.

    Because of this 'love of money' the WTS will mainstream more and more to keep membership. In 50 years the only difference between 'Christendom' and the WTS will be the 3 and less charitable giving (I think the WTS do some charatible acts for publicity).

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