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    What has been taught as Armageddon is actually the Great Tribulation.

    The agenda for a "man-made" paradise will come about during this time.

    Is it really so difficult to see that the Society and the united nations have the same agenda? On the surface, the up and coming new government promotes ideas of "world peace" and the steps to bring earth into a paradise existence. Save the earth. The new green religion. An agenda where saving natural resources will be more important than saving human lives. An agenda where the various lies of christian doctrines will be exposed and put aside. The Society exposed some of the lies of christian/pagan doctrines to you. In that, they told a half-truth. They kept you focused on refuting the traditions of christiandom. It was an effective distraction as they wove their own lying doctrines into your psyche. You knew they were right about a few things and therefore, you became gullible to all of their persuasions. As people become more aware now of the paganism being exposed withing their religions from non-religious groups ("new age thinkers" and philiosphers who now speak out and are not afraid to go against the crowds) the JWs will soon feel vindicated. "yes, we told you so. We have known these lies our whole life. That's what we did in our door-to-door work." Once again, the JWs will have cause to feel smug. When all these false religions can be exposed and put aside, then peace will prevail. The paradise can be brought into being. Slowly but surely, this paradise will evolve. Or will it? Can you not see how the JWs have already been conditioned to believe that they will help to bring about the new paradise? What they both (new world government and the Society) have in common is that neither expect Jesus to perform any great miracle. This new paradise will come about by man's efforts. Of course, the JWs will, as always, be told that it is being "divinely directed" and believe that without question. How will they be duped again? One basic lie here is the premise that "Jesus came invisibly." So I ask you...did he sneak in and is he hiding in Brooklyn? Is he scared of mob action again? Does he hang out with the invisible FDS and speak to them only? This is basically what The Society would have you believe. The Jesus I know is no sneak. The Bible states very clearly that he will come IN A CLOUD OF GLORY. The scriptures also say explicitly that ALL will see him. (ALL does not mean some privileged group of blasphemers like the society) But if you already believe that he sneaked back to earth and is in cahoots with the are already set up to believe anything! Why do JWs never call them on the ridiculousness of these ideas? These stories are not just ideas; they are part of an elaborate plan that has been in the works for over a hundred years. The Divine Plan of the Ages. Yes. It's all a plan. A plan for what? World domination by an elite few. This is part of the spiritual battle that is now on the horizon. Will you submit to the authority of man and his lies of this new paradise? Or will you know the difference in the true freedom that Jesus taught? Much of the problem with the error of people is that they are too lazy to read the Bible for themselves. They want to be "spoon-fed". They want someone else to tell them what it means. They want the easy way. If JWs would ever read the Bible for themselves they would "see" the personality of Jesus. Then they could begin to know what fits and what doesn't. That's part of the criteria in knowing truth from fiction. You must pray and ask for the gift of discernment. One day soon, people will realize that the Society and the UN are on the same page. Both are hoping to usher in a Utopia for the new millenium. (There is a deeper agenda here that has nothing to do with utopia, but on the surface it will appear as an idealistic movement. ) The new age reasoning, the earth charter movement, the babble of higher frequencies of love and harmony and being attuned, the nonsense of "frequencies" to heal broken DNA.... babble-on, babble-on, babbylon. People are being primed for the movements about to take place over the next couple of years. What the JWs have been frightened about for years is NOT Armageddon . The chaos and horrors to come result from the collapse of man made institutions and mans dependence on them. The coming fall has been contrived as part of this great plan. The JW comic books are actually describing (and exaggerating) the Great Tribulation. During the time of the Great Tribulation, there will be a Great Deception. This Great Deception, we are told by scripture, will be "so clever as to even deceive the elect, if that were possible". During the time of the Great Tribulation you will make the most important decisions of your life. Will you go along with the new "peace think" with the hope that your life will be easier? Or will you dare to hold out and therefore suffer? The mark will not be forced on you. It will be of your own free will. As a matter of fact, you will have to ASK for it. If you choose not to take the mark, that's fine. But you will begin to loose your "priveliges". The rest of the world will be on a new scan system. The chip (Digital Angel) in your hand will hold your identity, your financial records, your medical information, etc. It will be promoted as a good thing. With the chip, there will be no more abducted children...we can track them. If you ever have a medical emergency...all records are at your fingertips..literally. No more long lines at the market...all is scanned and automatically deducted from your account. No more paper and waste of natural resources. Yes, it will look like a good thing. Most people will be convinced. Those who choose not to accept the new system of the digital age will be left behind. When drivers licenses are no longer issued as a laminated card, you will not have one. When banks change over to the no paper system, you will not be able to participate. When the currency is changed and you cannot prove identity or account, you loose. Basically, without participation in the digital agenda, you will slowly be non-existant. This is part of the plan. It is to be a peaceful annihilation.Those who refuse the mark will be branded as "uncooperative and an opposer to the New System." And, if you are still believeing that Jehovah (or the Supreme Creator, etc. etc.) is directing this new system, then you will be instrumental in bringing this about. You will be convinced that all who do not take the mark are opposers of the Paradise and you will be taught that they do not deserve your help. It is shunning on a world wide basis. JWs are already used to executing such behavior. It was preached long ago as the "godly hate". Without the digital mark of identity you will not be able to buy or sell, or hold employment, or participate in society in general. Many people who oppose it will die of medical needs and starvation. These people will have no finances for a burial. Perhaps there will be some agency who picks up these bodies and takes them to a dumping ground. Besides, land is a precious resource. No longer will it be wasted for coffins and corpses. It is to all be returned to natural habitat. Perhaps these bodies being taken to the dumping ground is what the JWs have referred to as "picking up the bones". And as the new system will be something of a panthesistic religion, it is only fitting that one life feeds another and thus...the birds gather to pick the bones. This is what you have been led to believe is Armageddon . It is not. The Great Tribulation is going to be a time of decision. Armageddon is the RESCUE. It will not come until all have been marked. It will not come until the very end of this when the new system announces "peace and security". This will be at a time when they think all opposers have been conquered. The darkest hour is just before dawn. Look up and see your salvation. Armageddon will, in the twinkling of an eye, destroy those evil people who have taken the mark and rescue those who have waited for the return of Jesus. By the way, the Great Tribulation will start with a bang. It will be unexpected to most people. (Thus you may be deceived in thinking this happens "like a thief in the night" because you did not see it coming. But it has all been foretold. You just did not acknowledge it and are in disbelief and denial when it comes upon you.) And because of this loud trumpet blast when it happens, many will be deluded into thinking this great upheaval is " armageddon ". Soon...very soon...around the the threshold. They keep you sitting on the edge of your seat. JWs never live life. Life in the moment is full of fear. Their only life is to live in some half-dream future which does not even make sense. A lovely life of fruit picking at the expense of the death of everyone who does not believe like them. It holds true for many major religions. Death to all who do not agree. When the trumpet of Tribulation sounds, many of you here will end up going back to the fold out of fear that maybe they were right, after all. Many of you here are disgusted with all religion and will easily adopt the new age thinking and the peace plan for a New Earth. You will forget that the scriptures say the new earth comes down from Heaven. You will opt for man-made principles of establishing a new earth. They may tell you it is being "directed" from the heavenlies. Pray for discernment. Until you SEE Jesus for yourself, do not believe it. You have been promised that you will see his arrival in great glory. Pray for divine protection until the rescue. Who will be among the great crowd? Who will remember that this is the narrow path? Much of the rhetoric that you learned in your training as a JW, you perceived that you understood it. You had no basis of comparison to deny what you were being told was truth. It was easy to just accept it and believe it would all become clearer as you advanced in this "knowledge" (babble.) After all, it made sense to six million other people didn't it? Could 6 million people ALL be wrong? You gave over your authority of reasoning as an individual. This mind set was just a taste of babble-on. There is much more to come as you begin to hear the new buzz words and lingo of the New Paradise movement. (Just like JW buzz words.) Hopefully you will recognize the hive mentality inherent in those buzz words. Is it really a new movement? No. It's a very old plan. The Divine Plan of the Ages. Contrived by the Ancient Worthies. Who are these ancient worthies? Do you know their names? What is the criteria that makes them worthy? And worthy of what? (To rule your life?) And who has conferred this title upon them? Worthies is plural. How many are they? Do the scriptures not tell you that there is only ONE worthy? Is this not a direct question in revelation. There is only One found worthy. Want to know who the ancient worthies are? Want to know their names? The name of the Ancient Worthies Legion, for these demons are many. Pray without ceasing and ask for discernment. Winnower

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    Interesting to say the least...

    I wouldn't put it past the Watchtower to accomplish this... lol

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    I think your on to something...

  • Aleman

    The only diffrence is that the UN will use deadly force if nesasary but the WTS will not. The UN has their 'peace keepers' and the WTS has what, elders? circut seers? no one specializing in small arms.

    - Aleman

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    Why are the crazies always so verbose?

  • Caedes
    Why are the crazies always so verbose?

    A diet of 100% copypasta will do that to you.

  • DT
    Is it really so difficult to see that the Society and the united nations have the same agenda?

    You have to wonder why the Watchtower Society became an NGO and wrote favorable articles about the UN. It seems likely that they may have some similar goals.

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