If (a very big if) I were Catholic, I would be very proud...

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  • Alpaca

    I am not one to cut religion any slack, but after the pope's appeal to heal the wounds of Catholic youths who were victims of abuse by Catholic priests, I could not help but compare his appeal with the pathetic, cowardly stance the GB has taken with the R&F in the Borg.

    This is notwithstanding Blondie's post about the Pope's complicity in the abuse cover-up.

    The difference is that the Borg leadership refuses to realize that they are fallible. They cling to the view that they are somehow above reproach, taint, and fault. They are truly pathetic.

    Just my take on things.

    Cheers to all,


  • WTWizard

    There is a huge difference. The pope admitted his role in the problem and declared that it was going to stop, and expressed remorse in public about the situation. While it would have been better had it not happened in the first place or had been cleaned up sooner, at least they are now getting something done about it.

    The Washtowel Slaveholder, on the other hand, is continuing to belittle the situation. They pretend the problem is isolated and is being aggressively handled, but they are silencing the victims. This shows that they intend to continue allowing pedophiles to remain in good standing, in positions of responsibility, and to protect the pedophiles. And they don't give a fxxx how many lives they have ruined.

  • gaiagirl

    Another point about which Catholics can be proud: The Pope has stated that there is no objection to Christians believing in evolution, and that scripture need not be taken literally. This is quite a different stand than that of 400 years ago, when the Church denied, in the face of evidence, that the Earth moved around the Sun. Now, we have a Catholic church which actually considers scientific evidence, and accepts it even if it means making an adjustment to their own beliefs.

    Can you imagine the WTBTS ever making such a pronoucement? I cannot. Well, maybe in 400 years.

  • NanaR


    Thank you for this comment.

    I am Catholic, and I am very proud of the Pope for taking this action. To look abuse victims in the eye and talk to them at length requires a depth of character that is admirable. I have no doubt that the Pope will continue to do everything within his power to bring healing and closure to the victims and to protect current and future generations.

    I know that, on the surface, the Catholic hierarchial structure and the Watchtower structure appear to be very similar. But the resemblance is truly only superficial, and the resemblance exists because the Watchtower copied the RCC structure (obviously, since the Watchtower is less than 200 years old). The Watchtower resembles the Catholic Church about as much as a movie set resembles a real town.



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