Chinese Military taking over Africa?

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  • sammielee24

    Armed Chinese Soldiers seen with Senior Army Officers in Zimbabwe!

    Date Posted: Thursday 17-Apr-2008

    [I just got the news report of the actual weaponry Mugabe has ordered from China. Lots of good infantry weapons. The Zimbabwe army is going to be heavily armed. Zimbabwe is now a Chinese colony! Jan]

    HARARE - A general strike called by the MDC to pressure the Zimbabweans government and the Zimbabwe Election Commission (ZEC) to release presidential results appeared to have faltered in all major cities despite the despair within the majority over the lack of results, almost three weeks on.

    People were seen going about their usual business, maybe due to fear the weight of the state security officers deployed ahead of the strike could descend on them or because the economic crisis does not allow people to drop earnings at all.

    Soldiers and police fanned out across Zimbabwe early in the day with army trucks, some equipped with water cannon, moving through opposition strongholds around the cities. The riot police and other officers even set up checkpoints.

    zimbabwejournalists' correspondent, David Baxter, reports from Mutare that it is calm in the city as the MDC stayaway failed to attract many people.

    "Residents are going about their normal business despite a call by the opposition to stay at home. Businesses were operating as usual but there was a heavy police presence in the city centre and in all the high density suburbs," he said.

    The police are armed with AK rifles, teargas canisters and baton sticks. Water cannons were being driven throughout the suburbs. There were no incidents of violence as of mid-morning. However, says Baxter, there was a surprise presence of Chinese soldiers armed with revolvers in the city.

    The Chinese, together with about 70 Zimbabwean senior army officers are staying at the Holiday Inn, in the city's central business district.

    There are about 10 Chinese soldiers. "We were shocked to see Chinese soldiers in their full military regalia and armed with pistols checking at the hotel," said one worker.

    "When they signed checking-in forms they did not indicate the nature of the business that they are doing and even their addresses."

    No official comment could be obtained from the authorities here on this issue.
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  • zeroday

    OH that's terrible...maybe that will take the heat of us in Iraq as the only world aggressors...mean ole US has competition now...

  • free2beme

    10 soldiers is hardly an invasion.

  • yknot

    Well seeing how we (USA) might be running out on our tab ....

    New customers are needed, kinda like the WTS

  • Satanus

    'There are about 10 Chinese soldiers.'

    Heck, we got more chinese restaurents than that. They must be running this place without us even noticing.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    likely advisers. Every country does the same

  • doofdaddy


    Let's see.

    10 soldiers would cover what, two tiny alleys in a city at best?

    The post is ... Chinese military taking over Africa.

    Africa being the size of the U.S and comprising many separate unafilliated countries.

    Oh dear, sounds like CNN headline

  • BurnTheShips

    China needs natural resources.

    Africa is resource rich and militarily weak.

    This bears watching.


  • sammielee24

    Considering that Mugabe refuses to hand over the election results and armed thugs are running most of Zimbabwe, I think the fact that Chinese soldiers, dressed in military garb and weapons are in the city is interesting. They tried to lynch one of the older white farmers last week I believe - so with all this unrest I find it interesting that among all that, are some Chinese military. Just an interesting twist on things around the world -sammieswife.

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