First Active JW lured in some help please....

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  • Tuesday

    I posted a few days ago that I had started my series of "Tough Questions" for Jehovah's Witnesses. Shockingly so far I've only gotten positive comments. Today I got my first negative comment obviously from a witness. My problem is I'm not really sure what he's even saying. I did respond to him from what I understood of the comment but if you guys want to take a look and comment as well it would be greatly appreciated.

    This is about the preaching work and how it's pretty much impossible to reach all the people on the Earth. You may have seen the math before. I'm pretty sure the commenter is saying that everyone on Earth has already been reached...I'm not really sure though.

    Thanks for anything you can add guys.

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    Stop second guessing Jehovah and leave it with him, you arrogant, self-righteous independent thinker.

    Seriously, though, all the best with it. :) Maybe ask if God will require that children will have had a witness before he kills them?

  • lisavegas420

    Even if people have heard the name Jehovah's Witnesses, doesn't mean they know what they believe in. Just the other day, my husband asked me why none of the women rode bikes around, only the men. OMG...we've been married how long? And you still ask me a question like that? It's because they have to wear such long dresses, silly.



  • carla

    This response is your question?

    "Ok so thats 30 views so thats 30 more ppl preached thank you lol, thanks for using no reason. Ask anybody if they had being preach by a Jehovah Witness, you be surprised that almost everybody has been encountered by them, that answers your question. Get you facts straight first then talk. "

    Is the writer suggesting that merely knowning jw's exist is enough? Having them knock on your door and you immediately say 'not interested' before they get their spiel out is considered 'preaching'? I guess one must define 'preaching' then.

  • Tuesday

    Thanks for the responses. Yeah I had to try to be a bit more diplomatic LOL. It's funny I have another response to my first video which is fantastic. I stated in my introduction that I was looking for answers to the questions, not just faith, if you're going to attack don't respond. So the response I got was attacking the content for being stupid, attacking me for being stupid (using the exact line I asked not to be used in my introduction "Get a life and stop talking about Jehovah's Witnesses"), then finally stating that it was faith. Maybe I was a bit to positive in my thinking that someone would actually try to step up and answer the questions. I have 24 more questions that I've written up but I'm not so sure I even want to put them up if the only thing I'm going to get is ad hominem attacks.

  • jamiebowers

    I've watched all of the videos you've done so far and really wanted to comment on them. But since my youtube screen name is so evidently exjw, I didn't do so. I didn't want to chase away those who are still in. I seriously doubt that you will get answers to your questions, because the rank and file have no idea on how to answer them. But all is not lost. There are bound to be a few of the faithful who start really thinking about all you've had to say.

  • Tuesday

    Thanks for the kind words, I really hope people do start at least attempting to answer. You should feel free to comment on there, especially on Tough Question Number One where I have a witness using the three things I asked not to use in the first video, attacking the video, attacking me and using faith as the answer. Really it would just help, I don't feel like having to refute everything the guy says. I definetly hope some people will think about what was said, I think the questions are thought provoking...but I came up with them so I am a bit biased

  • DoomVoyager

    Don't even reply to a comment as idiotic as the one posted above. Don't lower youself to that level.

  • Tuesday

    You're probably right I should more than likely just leave comments like that as is. I responded asking not to attack me or the video but to actually answer the question next time. It's probably best for future reference to just leave people like that be. It kind of gets under my skin when people in a debate use attacks like that or even worse don't even address the question at hand in their response and consider it a rational argument. That is probably my biggest pet peeve.

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