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    Justia Themis made a few comments in the Re: Why Jehovah Witnesses teach a more biblical faith thread, of probably a trolling trolon, about the OVSE.

    Just to correct a few things. The Warshaw pact was the counter to NATO and dissolved. OSCE is an organisation that has nothing to do with Warshaw pact but was founded in 1973 during the cold war as a means to enhance peace talks and cooperation within a divided Europe. Warshaw pact is a military pact, so it would have been quite curious if the JW's had been a member.......

    Justia also relates of an OW issue with the following closing line:
    Whatever success or failure the OSCE may realize, peace lovers everywhere can be assured that true peace and security will soon be realized earth wide under the rule of God’s Kingdom.—Psalm 72:1, 7, 8.
    (this was 11 years ago)

    No compare that to the closing lines of the statement made by the European association of JW during the religious freedom meeting in 2006 as contained in this pdf:pdf on page 2. There are talking from both sides of their mouth.



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    Thanks for pointing out a broken link. here's a link to the website with all contributing NGO, including the European Association of JW etc.

    On the OCE main page go to search field and enter:"implementation meeting". First result is the Human dimension implementation meeting. click on that link. Click on the next page on the right hand side: documents by source and go to the section NGO. Look for anything JW related.



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