Whew I did it, I quit my job

by joelbear69 3 Replies latest jw friends

  • joelbear69

    Big needed step.

    Time to start down a new path.

    Life is an adventure.

    Its the journey not the destination.

    I generally feel like world conditions are going to deteriorate so I want to see

    the world while I can.

  • sammielee24

    That's a big step - so what are your plans now? What part of the world do you want to see first, or are you going to veg out for a while and watch things? sammieswife.

  • hubert

    Bon Voyage, Joelsbeard. (That's your new name).

    Good time to get started. Air fares are starting to climb, like everything else. Time to travel while it's still cheap enough.

    I work part time, and haven't been called in for a whole month. I went there today to see what's going on, and there's no work. Practically nothing. The economy is going to get hit hard with all this oil crap. (As if we didn't know two years ago).

    Get out and enjoy life.

    I'm happy for you.


  • LouBelle

    Wow - I've been wanting to do that.

    See the world and enjoy every minute.

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