First or Worse Doors

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  • Free

    My first was my worse, The people were home but didn't answer, They must have sent their dog out the back because after the second ring and of course at least 1 knock all of a sudden this huge German Shepherd came from around the side of the house. I was like no way, I could not believe my luck. I am not afraid of dogs but the little Haitian immigrant Elder I was with almost shit his pants. We were a good 30 feet from the car and the dog was between that. The guy walked backwards with his briefcase in front of him like he was giving it to the dog. Dog's I believe can sense fear so I tried to act as cool as possible but of course I wasn't comfortable,when we got back in the car the elders kids were pissing their pants from laughter. The homeowner had to have had one of the best laughs ever. I never went out much cause I hated it and it felt so fake but I'm sure some of you out there have some real good stories.

  • WTWizard

    For me, the worst doors were those where someone took the littera-trash and made me stand there for half an hour or more, bumbling it out for what seems to be an eternity waiting for it to end only to start the next chapter.

  • Casper

    My worse door,

    I was squeaky new, a sister and I got out at a house that had a run down trailer behind it. She took the house and sent me to the trailer, where I had to slop thru mud to get to it . There were no steps so I knocked on the bottom of the door.

    A man answered dressed only in jeans, I had obviously woke him up. So, as I looked up at him, I forgot everything I had planned to say, so I said...

    "You don't care about the Bible do you ?" and he goes "Nope". and that was it....


  • BabaYaga

    Casper, that is awesome! What do you mean worst, that had to have been your best call ever! "You don't care about the Bible do you ?" and he goes "Nope". and that was it....

  • Casper


    It's so embarrassing now when I think back on it... LOL. What he must have thought of me, slopping thru the mud and all, just to ask him that....

    So glad I was alone....


  • daniel-p

    One of my worst doors (I had many) was when we were calling on this return visit my service partner had. He had only talked with him briefly at the door previously, but this time we were invited inside. Come to find out, this guy was running his own little private church with his minions all sitting around preaching on laptop comupters (to whom I have no idea, probably the Christian-apologist trolls we get around here once in a while). No one in his house could speak unless he spoke to them first. All his girls wore super thick, long skirts down to their ankles, with button up shirts to their necks. We were offered coffee or tea and then sat down. The guy asked us to dispense some sort of spiritual enlightenment, seeing us as missionaries or something. Long story short, we sat there sharing encouraging scriptures, trading them like basball cards.

  • unique1

    I was three at my first door and the lady slammed the door in my face when she saw the watchtower and awake. I cried all the way back to the car.

  • Free

    Sorry about the spelling error on the topic: Worst = Bad in the greatest degree, Most evil state or degree, In the most unfortunate case.

    Worse = Bad or evil in a greater degree, More sick. ( According to the Follett Vest-pocket Webster Dictionary. )

    I suck at grammar, and the little guy from Hati was a nice guy .I just added it so you could have a visual.

  • Casper
    I suck at grammar

    I'm right there with you, Free.


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