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    Calling all ex JWs….God is as upset with the Watchtower as you are!

    He has therefore rejected that church (in 2004) - see and appointed the Lords’ Witnesses as the last true Christian church to replace them (in 1995) - see He has also given us the task of filling 6,000 reserve first New Covenant thrones (half a tribe). They are to be filled on a first come first serve basis by people over 72 years old who joined the Watchtower before October 1995. So if you qualify, come and claim your throne! (This invitation actually applies to JWs as well).

    The even better news is that the Kingdom of God has begun. Satan’s rulership ended on 2008Nisan14, 6,000 years after Adam sinned and the world began. Adam sinned 33½ years after he was born since Jesus gave a corresponding ransom and paid for that sin 33½ years after he was born to Mary. So 1975 was just a lifetime too early! If you are wondering why you cannot see it yet remember we must keep in expectation and wait for the end of the 1335 days of Daniel 12, which gets us to May 5th 2008. That is 42 days after the Kingdom started and Jesus started his ministry 42 days after he was baptised on 29Tishri10.

    You are cordially invited to the evening meal of the lamb’s marriage on Sunday April 20th after sunset.

    The first memorial in the Kingdom of God. For you are the ones on the roads out of the city which has now been burnt (Matthew 22) - see

    All ex JWs, are specifically invited by scripture to this final Passover feast and to the marriage festivities of the lamb, the greater festival of cakes, which is a 7 day convention of the LWs in London UK and in Minneapolis US from Monday April 21 to Sunday April 27, where we will present many of our much upgraded understandings.

    We are a very different church from the JWs, we have a much greater understanding of scripture, prophecy, doctrine and God’s love. We guarantee you will be intrigued if not astounded by what the bible has said to us and by what God wishes to say to you, who are to be the shining stars of Daniel 12. We also hope that you will appreciate the glorious freedom of the children of God which this church tries hard not to encroach upon with controlling pharisaical regulations.

    If you are under 72 year old, fear not, we also have 24,000 (2 tribes less a few) second new covenant thrones to allocate for those between 27-72 year old. These are for the earthly kings in the kingdom who are in a one to one relationship with the 144,000 heavenly kings. After all David had 288,000 administrators. We are in fact the church of the second new covenant - see

    So we are swimming in empty thrones here and your God needs you to sit on one of them!

    Never has there been a more generous or appealing offer, and never has such an offer looked more far fetched to those with physical focus.

    Please do not be alarmed by our 66 failures to get the date of the fire from heaven of 1Kings18, which we believe to be a radiological terrorist bomb, correct. Armageddon will involve nuclear detonations and it is our duty to watch and try and give your warning of dangers to come. Edison tried 6,000 gas and filament combinations before he illuminated us physically. We hope to do a little better than him.

    R.S.V.P. to [email protected] in the UK and [email protected] in the US
    Or call us on 0208 906 1676 in the UK and 1 701 412 1254 in the US to make the necessary arrangements. Don’t worry, there is no 30 page kingship application form!

    Please visit for a walk through the understandings of the LWs.
    Please visit for the advanced understandings of the LWs (they are not all correct).

    Please visit for our understanding of how to celebrate the evening meal of the lamb's marriage.
    Please visit for our interpretation of the parable of the marriage feast in Matthew 22.
    Please visit for 14 proofs that Satan's system ended on Nisan14, 2008


    The Lords' Witnesses

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