JW was presenter on UK music show - video

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  • Sgt Pepper
    Sgt Pepper

    Just had to share this video with you


    Micheal was a baptised publisher at the time. He presented on the first series (1983) of the UK music show "The Tube" which was fronted by Jools Holland and Paula Yates.

    He left probably due to the job clashing with his JW life.

    Although in the video he comes accross as a complete ar*e he is actually a really nice guy. I think his negative atitude towards the band was just to show any watching JW busybodies that he wasn't part of the 'rock n roll' world.

    He is still in the troof, in fact i'm sure he's an elder.

    He also interviewed Bono - I'll post this later.

  • bigmouth

    What an annoying pratt!
    Interviewing was not his forte, but he'd be a great elder :( No need to listen.

    Interesting little comment in there about HRH Morrissey at someones flat

  • Peppermint

    Clearly JW training at work here. He listens to nothing that is said to him and is only interested in getting his message over.

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