Can someone give me a link/s of the Best of the Best blood discussions?

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  • middleman

    Hey yall, I think I finally learned all there is to know on the UN topic. Now I really want to focus on the "blood issue" and how it's perceived by "the Borg". It's my understanding that taking in some of the blood "fragments" is now considered "conscience" and has been like this for awhile? Basically I'm looking for a full run down with this ever changing doctrine (aren't they all) on the history, quotes, scans, and anything helpful that pertains to this topic. I will be reading the threads in this section also. I'm sure there's some real good one's that are farther back, that I may have missed. Thanks for your help. Blessings.........

  • Vinny

    Above is a thread where many arguments are presented.

    And below is a link to perhaps the most comprehensive website dealing with the JW blood doctrine.

    I left the JW's primarily over this specific issue two years ago.

    Hope it helps.

    All the best,


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