JW's may talk to their pets, but not to Jesus...Does that make sense?

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  • JH

  • Rapunzel

    In a way, yes, it does make sense because - when they talk to their pets - they may actually get a response back. After all, their pets are real.

  • inkling

    depends, are their pets imaginary?


  • Hope4Others

    You can see your pets, they are in your face constantly and wanting attention. And they are cute, lovable and

    and touchable. Out of sight is out of mind.


  • Alpaca

    Well, Yeahhhhhh!!!! Duuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh!!!!

    Come on, were ya' expectin' more?

    Just kidding with you... I used to think the same kinds of thoughts about how pathetic the spiritual aptitude of the Dubs was/is.



  • Hortensia

    at least it's not a sign of insanity - whereas talking to invisible people you think are watching you all the time - hmmmm - that's creepy

  • steve2

    Quite frankly, my dear, I'm partial to a religion that allows me to talk to Tiddles. In that religion, Tiddles is probably the one sane creature I can talk to.

  • WTWizard

    To me, it makes sense in that their pets are not yet dead and Jesus is.

    To the average person, there is still mainstream belief that Jesus is God, thanks to Paul's misinterpreting the metaphors that Jesus liberally used in an attempt to get bicameral peasants to think for themselves. And, as long as it is still common for people to believe that Jesus is God, there has to be freedom for them to do so. That means praying to Jesus--which, as long as people believe Jesus is alive, should be permitted.

    Nothing more than intolerance of alternate belief systems other than the Watchtower Society.

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