The FBI investigated me after high school graduation !!!

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  • TooBad TooSad
    TooBad TooSad

    When I was in High School I hated being a JW--- no participation in sports, no dances, no holidays, no fun.

    It was embarassing to be a Witness and I did all that I could to hide that fact. I did no witnessing to

    my school mates. I stood for the pledge of allegiance so as not to stand out. I never witnessed or

    expressed my beliefs to my teachers. Now I graduated, was appointed as a Servant in the congregation,

    (they must have been really desperate) and the nation is in the middle of the Vietnam War.

    I had no desire to go there and I knew that I would be drafted so I decided to Pioneer and try to get

    a deferment for being a "minister". ( It was called a 4-D which was the most coveted prize a young JW

    guy could get and if you got a 4-D you were really considered as being special ). After being a pioneer for about

    5 months I get my notice to appear before the draft board to state my case. They said that they would get back with me.

    Well I came to find out later that the Selective Service had the FBI talk to all of my high school teachers, some of my

    class mates and even my neighbors where I lived. Of course the school teachers did not know that

    I was a JW and that I even stood for the plege of allegiance. Some of my school mates knew that I

    was a JW but that I never preached to them. My neighbors said that my mother was an active

    JW and preached to any body that came near her but that that I did not do that. Well my deferment

    was not granted and I got the complete report from the FBI stating all of the facts as to why I was not

    given my 4-D. Well a month later I got drafted. That is another story.

    TooBad TooSad

  • Hope4Others

    So you no the moral of the story that any Jw would reply to you with; well if you stand up for the "truth"

    your given protection and refuge to where the righteous run (or some scripture like that) and you would of

    not had to go through the dilemma of trying to hide what you are and get drafted in the first place.

    What a load of crap eh? Need a truck for it all!



  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    When you got drafted, did you enter the military or did you go directly to jail without passing GO, as the Watchtower wanted?

    I faced a draft board in New York City during the mid-late 60s. I was pioneering and was a real JW asshole (in a nice way), so they gave me the 4D. In the past I have felt badly that I got the 4D and so many others didn't, then I recognized that I was experiencing a form of "survivor guilt." The fact is that I didn't do anything to lessen the likelihood of anyone else getting a 4D -- my success did not doom them. Strangely enough, I often wonder if serving in the military would have been a good thing for me. That's one question that won't be answered in this lifetime.

    How are you today, TooBad TooSad?

  • TooBad TooSad
    TooBad TooSad


    So you were one of the elite belonging to the 4D club? The young brothers who got 4D's in our

    circuit always gave their experiences at circuit assemblies to explain to all in attendence

    why they received this blessing from Jehovah while all of the rest of us schmoes in the audience

    who weren't worthy just sat there feeling inferior and unblessed. To answer your question I am doing fine.

    When I got my notice to get my physical for the Army they loaded about 50 of us on a bus

    and headed to the big city to drop our drawers, bend over, and all of the other good stuff

    the Army likes to do. To make a long story short, I knew that if I exagerated a physical

    problem that I have that perhaps I could get a 4-F or physical deferment. Well about 3 weeks

    after my physical I got my 4-F card in the mail. I was in total shock. No prison for me.

    A blessing from Jehovah. The first thing that I did to celebrate was to quit pioneering.

    TooBad TooSad

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I know I was never used in any Circuit or District assembly to make you "other guys" feel bad about your situation.

    I may have made it seem like getting my 4D was easy; actually it wasn't. I kept appealing and appealing and appealing their decision and just wore them down. I got as far as taking the physical too,but I wasn't smart enough to play up my infirmities. When I left that physical I though, "buddy, you're goin' to JAIL." I really expected that I would, then the draft board relented and gave me the 4D. Jehovah preserved me because he knew what a fine and vigorous apostate I would be today. Uh-huh.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    No one in my high school knew I was the child of jw's. I had been ostracized my entire time in elementary school, and when Jr. High came along I quit the act and felt some relief. Graduating tot he high school arena, I know your feelings on this. I would have much rather faced a rabid viet cong guerilla than the pack of asenine chimps that attended my school. I actually enlisted in the US NAVY in 1980 because I wanted to make a diference in a world that hated the US and had our Marines and embassy workers held hostage in Iran. My mom raised hell with the recruiter before I swore in so he finally let me go. I got baptized in 1981, and now look back on the waste that was my youth. I could have served my country and be retired fromt heir now. I could be embarcking on anew career in civil service and working on a second pension.

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