Paying More than the Usual Attention

by WTWizard 9 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • WTWizard

    How many people hear that from the a$$emblies? The funny thing, if we kept following the advice, the "more than the usual" would become the usual. And there is only so much attention one can pay to the topic at hand.

    And especially when it is the same crap you have heard every year since you were two. Or it is so boring, you are tired and sleepy, have children that are whining because they are bored and need more excitement, or it is very hot and muggy. Then, paying attention is not possible when Brother Hounder is always busy conjuring up problems to create where none existed.

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    No matter what you are doing, it isn't enough............... Do more!

  • WTWizard

    And that's why so many of them take meds.

  • Hope4Others
    The funny thing, if we kept following the advice, the "more than the usual" would become the usual

    By putting forth the more than usual attention it will help prevent the parishioners attention from needlessly wandering back to thoughts

    about where will we go for supper? Hope the pool's not to crowded, can't wait to kick these darn heels off, nice glass of wine, I wonder

    what kind of movies they have to rent? God, hope I make it through tomorrows sections. Dam my a$$ is sore these seats are h#ll. Say there's Jimmy

    Pioneer over there at the contribution box. Wonder how he and wife are getting along after his mother-in law tried to tell him how to raise his kids?

    Sound Familiar?


  • lrkr

    Funny, if people would pay better attention, they might catch the logical fallicies, attempts at thought control and outright contradictions. So I say- Yes pay good attention, and think too while you're at it.

  • Rapunzel

    It should say: "You're only as strong as..." In other words, you need a subject/verb contraction here [you're], and not a possessive adjective.

  • Hope4Others

    Well, you will have to take that up with "My space comments", I just click and paste.



  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Thats what the position and responsibility of management has and that is to stir up business

    There is an underlining marketing strategy to this religion/Publishing House that may not be obvious to some, nevertheless it is there.

    This is a Corporation, and a company after all, the crooked lawyers and businessmen that started it should make this quite obvious under observation.

  • odie67

    When I would go to the DC.... I would try to pay attention but my mind would just wander off into lala land....

    looking off into a distance..."is that building on fire?"

    I wonder where so n so is sitting, i bet they are in the good seats

    I'm going to leave early tomorrow to get some good seats this sun is hot as hell

    I don't like her

    i don't like him

    I can't stand that family

    please don't sit them next to me, it's too hot

    ooh he's kinda that his wife?

    i gotta pee... i bet the line is too long....

    That building is on fire where's the firetruck?

    Then when we had the review a week later I wonder how I missed certain key points

  • odie67


    You brought back some fond daydreaming memories

    "hey there's jimmy!"

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