Need Scan of a BOE Letter about weddings....

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  • yourmomma

    Is there anyone that has a copy of the letter that was sent to the BOE that said that if a elder, servant, or pioneer attends a wedding with either DF people or a "unevenly yoked" marriage will be removed from position?

  • WTWizard

    If it is verified, then it makes it all the more ridiculous. This happens if the disfellowshipped person is a relative, or a sibling. Or a child or parent of the person attending.

    They can take those "privileges" and shove them.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I dont remember a letter (not as of 12/06, my last access to BOE elders) that specifically says that. (If something has come out since, I would love to see it) However, there is a Watchtower article (I am sorry I dont remember the date) that essentially indicates it. I know, because in my former judgmental elder persona, I was forced to use it to stop a brother (who wanted to be reappointed as a MS) and his wife from going to a wedding of a sister who was not in good standing (but not DF) and her non JW (aka "worldly" boyfriend). I personally did not care, but since I knew that the PO and his daddy would use it against this young brother, I felt it necessary to warn him.

    The other MSs were shown the same article in case they thought they were going to go. Elders will use that article to prevent people from going...and if a BOE uses it to recommend will be backed by the majority of CO's and the Society. They would use the catch-all qualification of being "reasonable" as the reason to delete such ones.

    I hate that I was part of that...the fact that an article that I used really for one young brother to help him avoid trouble with a certain elder...was used as a blanket ban to really caused a lot of unnecessary hurt and expense to the families for prepared food that was no longer needed, because people had accepted invites and then just did not show... I have since apologized..but was not kind...

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