"Revised Church of Oprah" For those who have not seen it

by Hope4Others 2 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Hope4Others

    I had not seen this program.



    I'm sure this will be a hot topic at this summers conventions!


  • Layla33

    Very interesting...

    I have long said that while there are things about Oprah that I truly admire and I have contributed to her school in South Africa, there is a guruish nature about her, that alarms me. I think she has the makings of getting so full of her own virtue that she can declare herself a prophet of some sort and cause millions and millions of people to follow her. I have read some rather disturbing theories about her rise, none that I can say are valid or not, but at this point I am just sitting back observing it all. One thing I can truly say is that I don't put her on a pedestal of any sort and see her as falliable as anyone else...

  • Satanus

    I'm not of the church of opra, i never watch her program. BUT, i agree w her view. I like this, 'If god for you is about belief, then that's not god'.


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