Between Resistance and Martyrdom - Detlef Garbe - Anyone got a copy yet?

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  • slimboyfat

    I see Amazon in the US now have this book in stock for immediate dispatch.

    So has anyone over in the US got a copy yet? It is reputedly the best book on Jehovah's Witnesses during the Third Reich (perhaps the best scholarly book on JW's period) newly translated from German to English. Garbe was the scholar on the Stand Firm video who made the memorable comment that the conduct of Witnesses during the Nazi period was a 'ray of light in a dark age'. Penton rather impetuously classed Garbe along with what he termed "Watchtower apologists" from the scholarly community for his refusal to jump on the anti-Witness bandwagon over the so-called compromise convention and declaration of 1933. In truth Garbe is a far more careful and thoughtful scholar than Penton and I am really excited that his magnum opus is now available in English.

    See the synopsis on the publisher's page here:

    I have ordered my copy from and am counting the days 'till it arrives.

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