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  • Philippus79

    Hi all!

    Received this fax today as part of a seemingly ongoing interpretational challenge against the Society. Also found out that the LW are expecting a terrorist attack in NY...

    "Dear sons of the holy covenants,

    May the love of the Christ and the guidance of the holy spirit deliver us all.

    Since this is day 2 of our Jericho campaign let us explain how Joshua6 applies symbolically today.

    God does not need half a million people to march around in circles 13 times in 7 days in order to knock down a wall with his great heavenly power that built a 15 billion light year universe.

    The actions of the Israelites were prophetic. They walked around the city in circles not because this was a great new military strategy which should now be taught at West Point, but because God wished to declare through them how the greater battle of Jericho would work. He could plainly have had the sons of Israel sit down for tea and then knocked the wall down with his little finger.

    But the armies of Jehovah walked around the city one time for each of 6 days and on the 7th day they walked around it 7 times. So the campaign defines the 7th day as being a temporal campaign Sabbath. It does this by taking 7 days and by marching around one time on each of the first 6 days so the that 7th day becomes the 7th time. Then having defined this campaign Sabbath, they march around the city 7 times on that day, this is saying 7 campaign Sabbaths. Then they blew a ram’s horn. Well the word for ram’s horn in Hebrew means Jubilee, since the horn of the ram is blown at the release to Jehovah on atonement day in the Jubilee year.

    Well a campaign Sabbath 7 times or 7 campaign Sabbaths followed by a rams horn is saying: Jubilee!!!

    So the greater fall of Jericho occurs on a Jubilee. The Jubilee release in the Sabbath system of the LWs occurs at the 10th hour of daylight on 2008Iyyar7 = 2008April14 at around 4:45-5:45 pm local time.

    Now the Watchtower Society has never given its children a Sabbath of any type. So just like the Jews before them they will be evicted from their land for a period equal to the number of land Sabbaths they have missed. It is true that Jesus died to end the law, but he did not die to end the principle of the Sabbath, since he is now Lord of the Sabbath and the whole kingdom of God is a giant Sabbath. We are saying that the Watchtower should have had a Sabbath system with a rest every 7th day and a rest every 7th year and a Jubilee every 50th year. The LWs have a monthly Sabbath system which began when we first started feeding from our website in 1999Shebat.

    The Watchtower was appointed as to feed as the faithful and discreet slave on 1914Tishri15 at the end of the Gentile Times. So the first whole Sabbath agricultural year began on 1915Tishri1. The Jubilee was1965Tishri10. Then we have 5 more Sabbaths starting 1972Tishri1, 1979, 1986, 1993, 2000Tishri1. The Watchtower fell in 2004Elul14 1290 days of Daniel 12 before the end of Satan’s system on 2008Nisan14. So there are 13 years of land Sabbath error.

    The 4th faithful slave of the LWs was appointed on 1995Tishri18

    This is when the Watchtower lost authority over the saints. And 13 years after that is 2008Tishri. The Zoar administration, which is run by the descended first new covenant saints begins on 2008Heshvan6. So there it is, your 13 year land Sabbath error!

    As you know the Sabbath exists in Genesis 1, and in Revelation the length of the kingdom Sabbath is given as 1,000 years. So the Sabbath should be a feature of every true religion. Jesus taught in the synagogues on the Sabbaths for a reason!

    The Ark in Joshua 6 is the means of salvation of mankind through Armageddon which is the rapture. We do not walk through it because it ends with an extinction level volcanic event, a flood of fire, the greater destruction of Sodom, which evaporates all the seas and sends all the water back up to where it was before the flood. There will only be molten lava to walk upon. The ark is angelic this time. We are saved by the rapture which has not been a Watchtower doctrine since the days of Macmillan, whose faith will have been blessed. But billions now living will never die, to paraphrase Rutherford. 50% of mankind is raptured, since the two women grinding at the mill and the two men in the field are split 50:50. True few are the ones on the road to life, judicial life, angelic life, but many are those who are saved dead, for the dead come to life at the end of the 1,000 years. 3 billion are saved, the number of letters in our gene sequence. These ones are the DNA for the new system.

    Macmillian may have got the date of his ascension wrong, but we have the got date of his descent right. He will turn up perhaps on the very bridge he failed to ascend from (Proclaimers p62), between 2008Sivan6 and 2008Tammuz15, in the first 40 days of the greater flood of heavenly waters, which are angels.

    Lot knew that to save his soul he should leave Sodom for Zoar. Lot’s house where the angels who are also described in the same account as men, ate the feast and the unleavened bread is the house of the second new covenant for 144,000 earthly kings, and we host the evening meal of the lamb’s marriage to which you are all invited. The feast stands for that meal. Lot is FDS4 (the administration of the LWs), Zoar is the administration that follows us, for more info see

    Once Lot reached Zoar, his soul was safe. His wife, became a pillar of salt. This is not such a bad thing, it means the LWs lose their water baptism but remain a true church, for pillars exist inside churches, and buttresses outside. Salt is the dehydration of Mrs Lot. The chronology of the end is the chronology of the flood for Daniel said: The end will be by the flood (Daniel 9:26).

    We will give this church to the descending first new covenant saints at the appointed time on 2008Heshvan6, when it becomes Zoar. But you will give us the faithful ones in your church when the wall of Jericho falls down (if we are correct). For we are to be partners for 1,000 years. Following the account of the flood, the ark reaches the mountain after 150 days which is 2008Heshvan6. Then the window is opened through which the birds fly. That is the start of the rapture 40 days later on 2008Chislev15. For more on the rapture see

    That’s all for today folks. See you tomorrow for day 3 of Jericho.

    May God bless our faith our love and our understanding

    Tel: 1 701 412 1254 (US)
    Tel: 44 208 906 1676 (UK)
    R.S.V.P. [email protected] or [email protected]
    WoodHill House, Hendon Wood Lane, London NW7 4HR (Transmitted on April 9th, 2008).


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    Also found out that the LW are expecting a terrorist attack in NY...

    Would you believe it?! Fancy that!

    Let us know when they're not expecting one. Then I'll worry.

  • Philippus79

    lol, mickey...

    But you know, THIS time....


  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    Is this shit serious?!?!!!!! ROTFL!!! You my friend get tomatoized!

  • yknot

    I think we all have our own timeline and pathways to truly leaving the borg behind.

    Obviously he is following a similar path as e-watchman in the sense of condemnation and expectation of retribution against the tower by Jah.

    I think the LW is dealing with anger issues, denial, and attempts to understand it all. For him Bible Code has given him some solace.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    Also found out that the LW are expecting a terrorist attack in NY...

    Forgive me for being skeptical.

  • Honesty
    Since this is day 2 of our Jericho campaign let us explain how Joshua 6 applies symbolically today.

    You and Freddie Franz are gonna have a lot to talk about.

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