What is DF mother or father has cancer?

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  • yourmomma

    I am curious if anyone you know of anyone with experience in a situation where they have a DF mother, father, or sibling that for instance has cancer and is dying. What if the person is alone? Will there be any sanction for being there for the person and doing stuff like cleaning their house or buying groceries? what about when they die, are there any sanctions for going to the funeral? i ask because i am getting conflicting info on it. if they would DF a person for helping a dying family member that would be some cold blooded S.

  • AudeSapere

    Terminal illness is considered 'necessary family business' and jw family is allowed to provide care.


  • Hortensia

    Screw the WTBTS and their sanctions. What about being humane? What about compassion? What about loving kindness.

  • hamsterbait

    lets hope the family will do something. The Congo sure as hell wont.

    There is an example in one thread where an old man in his nineties was DF, and left to rot on his own in a hospice. Just because he said he didn't belive Christ came invisibly in 1914.

    Yet the proclaimers book p137 now says that "the bible students came to discern that Christ had not returned (even invisibly in 1914)".

    Apart from this being an outright LIE, I want to know why Grannie Grace was not reinstated when this got printed - after all she was DF for saying this.


  • myababes

    My dad had been DF for smoking and shortly after he was reinstated he found out he had cancer and died a month or so later very quicly. the pompous elder that came calling sat there and said well its a good job he has been reinstated as if he hadn't then we wouldn't be able to do the funeral would we. I was so stunned i didn't know whatto say. I still hate that man even 20 years later and unfortunately (but fortunate for them ) 2 of his now grown up children were disfellowshipped. talk about poetic justice.

  • TweetieBird

    I was faced with this situation when I was still in. My dad became quite ill and died shortly thereafter. There were a couple of elders that came by to actually visit him, even though he had disassociated himself years earlier and was definitely "apostate". The night he died (at home) an elder actually stayed at the house mostly for support to family but my dad also. I was glad at the time that he didn't let the organization control what was in his heart. It was the right thing to do. Fortunately, the congregation (a really good one at the time) really supported my mom during this time. It reminded me of what it used to be like when I was a little girl...a much different time back then.

    I think most witnesses will let compassion be the rule in this situation. I've been to funerals where the deceased had df'd relatives and many (not all) would give them a hug and tell them how sorry they were for their loss.

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