Is God for Smokey or The Bandit?

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  • Salivating Dog
    Salivating Dog

    Can someone tell me who God would be behind and root for in this situation?

    I am an independent trucker getting ready to go under, as are, and have many of my friends. Due to rising fuel costs. We lose our trucks, JB Hunt gets to buy them cheap, and gets our skilled drivers cheap, AND we have to follow all their rules.

    There seems to be a war against the small businesses and independents of this nation, and I was just wondering if God is for JB Hunt and Wal-mart or the independent truckers and small business owners?

    Can someone speak for Him please and answer this question so I can take the appropriate course of action?

    I hope God is more predictable than the economy.

  • Gopher

    Dog,what's happening in your industry really sucks. I'm pulling for you, I think the independent truckdriver is a big part of the fabric of American life.

    Which God do you mean, btw? I think Jehovah -- being the law-enforcer that he is, would be for Smokey. However, the New Testament Jesus always seemed to favor the common man. I think you'd need to conference call Jehovah and Jesus together to get them to work this out.

    Best wishes -- hoping diesel prices don't go too much higher.

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