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  • Tuesday

    Are there any gurus out there that have the statistics of numbers of Jehovah's Witnesses vs. World Population to figure out how many people every Jehovah's Witness would have to reach within a year? I'm working on my tough questions series and would love to have some data to back what I'm asking. What I'm trying to ask is how the "good news" can be preached everywhere with the numbers given. There's basically a 1000 to 1 ratio of worldly person to witness, then with the world population growth vs witness growth it seems they would have to preach to an additional 20 people a day. I want to try to verify this to make sure I'm not just spouting crazy figures and get called on it when I post the video. Please any help would be great. Thanks in advance

  • Aaac

    Try this. Hours per baptized: USA 6700, Canada 9600, UK 7400, Japan 19900 hours per one baptized!

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