Legal language in old mags...huh...

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  • alamb

    Just looking though some old literature this morning and found:

    "And our Society cannot afford to be drawn into the affair legally or take the responsibility for the way the case turns out." And, "We merely offer the above information on request, but can assume no responsibility for the decision and course the reader may take." Dec. 15, 1952 WT (Vaccinations)

    Struck me rather odd (and that's HUGE for the WT to even do these days). Can't imagine their version of Jesus uttering those words or them being printed on the bottom of the Ten Commandment Plates either.

    Such legalism in what is supposed to be God's mouthpiece?

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Good find! Adding to arsenal!

  • alamb

    Nice to meet you former junkie!

    Forgot to add it was from a Question from Readers, Page 764.

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