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  • grewupJWnoselfesteem78-95

    whilst working on a project discussing revisions in the new world translation that they have purposly done to support doctrane (i have many) anyways..... when i cut and paste the literal translation on my pre set web page all was sweet ......THOUGH ...... WHEN I CUT AND PASTE THE NWT translation in my word program it advised the wording needed to be rephrazed to make subjectual sence or that grammar was not correct and needed to be changed ......... interesting i thought .........

  • tsar_robles

    hey, grewup, you never replied telling me which pages of the interlinear you wanted to have scanned... either way, here's a great OT/NT (hebrew/greek) interlinear program that you can download for free, it's called ISA:

  • Samuel Thorsen
    Samuel Thorsen

    Maybe it's your strange kind of downunder-english?

    I my country grammar and spelling it the only things the WTS does good. Almost perfect.

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