JW visits the ranch in Guthrie

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  • hillbilly

    We've been here about 6 months... yesterday (Sat) a carload of JW pulls up over the cattle guards and up the drive way.

    Wife and I are working in the yard. The guy gets out with a pair of magaizines. I noted he had no bag nor a Bible... he's running mag work like a little kid.

    So, he strides over to me... I cut him off. "I was one of you all for nearly 30 years"... JW..." What?" I said it again " I was one of you all for nearly 30 years"...He gets it, "A Jehovah's Witness?" ..."Yea...and I dont give money to people who hide pedophiles."

    His response was classic JW spin..."we dont have pedophiles."

    I sort of lost it... I told him to get the hell of my place... twice. I told him to take my address off the territory card too.


  • carla

    Good luck with them not coming back!

  • hillbilly

    If they do come back the sherrif is a phone call away. My place is posted.

    I guess I really do not like these people at all. Especially the ones I dont know.


  • Casper
    ...and I dont give money to people who hide pedophiles

    Way to go Hillbilly.... You did Good....


  • hillbilly

    that whole "butter would not melt in my mouth" attitude was way to evident with this JW.

    Were we all that bad once upon a time?

    I would have choked this guy If I could have got to him. I never could stand that attitude... this JW sounded like a phone salesman. Went right to script to deflect objections...without hearing what I said.


  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Hillbilly, too bad you didn't have a load of fertilizer handy, that you could have let him leave with.

    Is your sign specific to JW's or just posted Keep OUT? I was told, even as a child, that the signs don't apply to JW's. LOL LOL


    A mass marketing of: No Jehovah's Witnesses Allowed signs. Think Wal-Mart would be interested? Everyone in every city and town would have to have one. As more people would put up these signs, it would limit whose houses they could go to ... They would get visits more and more often, that they would get tired of it, and go buy a sign.

    And so on, And so on, til all had signs!!!!!!

  • brunnhilde

    You mean one like this??


    There's all kinds of fun little items at this site.


  • hillbilly

    Guthrie has a little hall over on the west side of town. Looks like maybe it will hold 125 to 150 ...so I would guess thats about 75 to 100 publishers.

    Now that they found me I wonder if that "evil apostate" over off 105 was a topic of discussion today at the meeting. You know how they like to pride themselfs on being "persecuted" out afeild.

    Maybe they will muster up some elders to venture out to see if I can be "adjusted" in my thinking. Ya know... to find out why and how I got so "anti" after 30 years or so as a JW.

    Up north elders wont go across the street to check up on someone. Out here I figure JW' maybe a little more busybodyish and gossipy like the small town hall I grew up in.


  • Honesty

    Ask Dog Patch about the Hokie Okie JW elders.

    He has had a lot of experience with them.

  • beginnersmind
    I would have choked this guy If I could have got to him.

    I dont think he would have deserved that kind of anger directed at him. Remember more than likely he genuinely believes what he's saying and you will almost certainly know more about the various scandals than him. I'm still to face that test so I might react the same yet. I mean tell them to clear off not choke them lol.

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