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  • R.Crusoe

    Is the whole psychology framework a judging one?

    Many categories lack impartial language and imply negatives to an excessive degree!

    The frame of reference is one similar to religious ideologies in many respects!

    I attempted something I rarely think of!!

    I imagined several people I know whom are generally considered functioning personas within their circles of friends!

    And I read some lists of characteristics to see if I could apply any to any of them!

    I absolutely could, if I was to believe what I read, label many of them as possessing strong characteristsic of multiple disorders!

    If any of them were isolated from groups of friends etc, it could easily be seen that they were in fact suffering a disorder when in fact they were victims of a situation - with many charactersistics already prevalent in their day to day operations as a self defending ambitious individual long before they became isolated and maybe reacted in a few odd ways due the stresses of such a change!

    We all know how JWs used to undermine apostates to us when we were JWs and drop comments specifically guaged to do the same to any general public they meet if the subject raises its head.

    So my point is that, although there may well be individuals whose 'heart condition' is absolutely defined by some lists of disorders, IMHO there are many who are completely wrongly stereotyped since the heart condition may be of empaths displaying similar chracterstics with no intent to harm anyone and be subject to frequent labelling and forced to defend their situation to critical and judging others who may well be far more like the narcissistic personas noone ever suspects them of being due to their well honed diversion tactics!

    Psychology is a minefiled and to me it raises more problems than it solves and most likely empowers some who would be far batter placed in the patients couch !

  • betteroffdead

    your last sentence sums up my beliefs toward that field.(although far more eloquent and tasteful then I would have put it) I just never expressed it because it's such a sensitive subject to most people because the ones I know think they all have some mental problem, coupled with the fact I don't sugar coat things to make people feel better. so great job I found a new friend in thought.

  • R.Crusoe

    I appreciate your comments BoD!

    We must always remember that humans of all types are in all sorts of positions of control and profession - many paid handsomely to effectively tell others how to run their lives without any responsibility for the fallout ot the knock on domino effects of any flawed advice they provide!

    Plus some will get to where they're at and have half the sense you have anyhow but act like they are way ahead!

    Worth mulling over when you start to put yourself in their hands! Some have the backbone of a jellyfish!

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    A well trained psychologist with an inward desire to help people can do just that help people to get back on their feet and we should hold some respect for them in doing so .

    The problem I think arises when an individual style of treatment is not working for a select patient and the series of treatments becomes nothing more than a waste of time and money

    and hence delaying recovery. Its then the responsibility for the person in need of help to walk out the door and look elsewhere.

    There is one incidence that comes close to home and that was when my younger brother was suicidal a couple of years back and under the family doctor's advise he was sent

    to a local psychologist. Over a period of a dozen or so treatments and some medication my brother has now fully recovered and is now living a happy and fulfilling life.

    What would have happened without that Doctors help I wouldn't want to speculate.

    So there are some positive and good situations out there, on the other side there are indeed some bad ones.

    I do think the profession in whole as improved itself over the years and you do here more good things coming out of it then the bad.

    Are their personas judgmental, I don't think so, certainly nothing close to what your typical religious ideology presents.

  • betteroffdead

    honestly I don't think whether they want to help in their heart effects whether their helping in practice. most dr.'s I have dealt with(which is more than plenty all specialists to) are taught in school a certain way of treating people and tend not to stray too far from that path, and when different methods are discussed they are dismissed as heresay. the point being while not really there fault they may not be helping them even though they genuinely want to in their heart because of how they have been taught to treat. but on the flip side ego and money have a part to play whether you admit it or not and dr.'s despise being told their not doing something right. personally I think all they are(shrinks what have you)are a placebo anyway, but I don't want to start anything we could start a whole new forum based on my beliefs. p.s. good that your family member is better by whatever means.

  • R.Crusoe

    My feeling is some JWs have more clue about what problems they have than any psychologist is likely to have = save ones in too greeat a demand to be easily accessible to you!

    I mean, reactionary is not a JW response don't you think?

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