I Just Sold My Company!

by Perry 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • Perry

    Free at last, thank God almighty we're Free at Last! - At least for a few months until the cash runs out. - No more customer service!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MeneMene

    Now you can spend your valuable time and $$$ pioneering

  • Casper

    Congrats...!! "Enjoy" it while you can....

    My brother owns his own business... dealing with the public on a daily basis has become almost unbearable for him. Seems there is no pleasing people these days. The stress of it is really getting to him and he talks a lot of just selling and getting out. I wish he would.


  • oompa

    Congratulation!! What type of business was it?..............oompa

  • Perry

    It was a line of bird cages that I invented and made in China and sold them on the internet. They were big and kinda pricey. The customer service was absolutely unbearable. Never could get big enough to hire out some of the more mundane parts of it. --------------------- I'll be praying for your son Oompa.

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