The personality of a cult:what is the reality

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  • megaflower

    these are some of the features of a destructive cult, or one may say the personality

    you are lied to systematically

    encouraged to not have contact with family or friends who are not a part of the cult

    work at a menial job so you have more time to put toward the goals of the cult (pioneers etc)

    lost of individuality, no longer able to think for yourself(must listen to mother ship aka faithful dirt bag)

    The cult wants you to become a slave to their purpose and when you are no longer of any use to them due to sickness or disability, old age they are more than willing to cast you aside. Where is the love. Lets see, there never was any.

    please add your own thoughts and opinons

    peace to all and free minds

  • flipper

    MEGAFLOWER - Great thread ! Another personality of a cult is they tell their members that - " If they are doubting the beliefs it's because they don't have enough faith in God ! That the beliefs are unchallengeable so the problem must be with the member himself or herself - not the beliefs !" In this way all cults , witnesses included- keep their members feeling bad about themselves and questioning themselves , not the cult as they should ! I read the book too ! LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • llbh
    work at a menial job so you have more time to put toward the goals of the cult (pioneers etc)

    Actually the reverse is true, because the jobs pay less you work harder longer and feel less satisfied

    I also abhor the anti cultural philistinism of the wts, reminds me of the mind control Mao Tse Tung exerted



  • greendawn

    Its leaders pretend to be your friends whereas they are your worst enemies. They are also very adept at twisting the meaning of words and biblical verses in order to suit their agenda. As ever they find a some naive people in society that they can ruthlessly deceive and victimise.

  • WTWizard

    This kind of cult is nothing more than a scam where you are selling books. They tell you it's God's will that you be out there, otherwise you are not helping "Christ's brother". They also have so many rules and obstacle courses for normal activity that people are more likely to skip marriage and college and just do more for the cult.

    With the witlesses, it is that damn Value Destroyer Training School. Graduate from that, and you could well be inundated with assignments (the days where you would wait in vain for an assignment are long gone as congregations are falling apart). You could even go down in history as helping the Watchtower Society start the worldwide Second Dark Ages (something I would never want on my conscience).

    Other witless ideals are pioneering, working where the Need is Greater-TM, missionary work, and Beth Hell. All benefit the cult at the expense of those working in those areas. And most are easier to be accepted in if you are single (which is easier if they create obstacle courses for dating and marriage partner selection).

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