Please Post List of United States 2008 District Conventions

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  • vrythmax

    OK, I'm not a JW but I would like to know where the District Conventions are in the US along with the dates. The Kingdom Halls in my area have been unwilling to provide this information over the phone. It's less that a month before they usually start and there is no information at the official website. TIA

  • Hope4Others
    unwilling to provide this information over the phone

    That seems rather odd, I wonder why the secrecy? They are usually on the back inside cover of a Wt but I can't help you I do not get them, and have not had one for many



  • WTWizard

    Why the secrecy? They think people will join if they need to in order to get this information. Little do they know that it is only a matter of time before someone finds out and posts it for all us apostates.

  • blondie

    The US conventions are listed on page 30 and 31 of the 3/1/08 WT which is available to the public. If you have a couple of locations I could post where they are here or someone who has this magazine could provide a scan.

    The WTS holds back the information sometimes due to blocking ex and nonjws from picketing at the conventions.

    You can also use Google and type in "Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses" and it may pop up the schedules at the convention building locations. Otherwise you could call a kingdom hall in your local area.

    and so on

    "Guided by God's Spirit" is the theme.'s_Spirit

    As Awake! June 2008 issue stated, in most of the locations the programs will start on Friday at 9:20am with a musical program.

    Friday"The spirit [...] will guide you into all the truth" - John 16:13Morning
    • "Why be guided by God's Spirit"
    • "Holy Spirit at work in creation"
    • Simposium: "Faithful ones of old guided by God's Spirit"
      • "In Moses times"
      • "In the days of the judges"
      • "In the first century"
    • Keynote Address: "Holy Spirit's role in the outworking of Jehovah's purpose"


    • "Answer to Questions about Holy Spirit"
    • "The Spirit searches into the deep things of God"
    • "Become Hearers and Doers of God's Word"
    • Simposium: "Young People-Walk by Holy Spirit!"
      • "At school"
      • "At work"
      • "In the family"
      • "In the congregation"
      • "During social activities"
      • "When alone"
    • "Young People-Safeguard your relationship with Jehovah!"
    Saturday"Sowing with a view to the spirit" - Galatians 6:8Morning
    • Simposium: "Directed by God's Spirit in our ministry"
    • Baptism talk


    • Bible writers-Borne along by Holy Spirit"
    • Simposium: "Empowered by Holy Spirit"
      • "To fight temptation"
      • "To cope with tiredness and discouragement"
      • "To withstand persecution"
      • "To resist harmful peer pressure"
      • "To endure adversity"
    • "Keep yourselves in God's Love"
    Sunday"Keep walking by Spirit" - Galatians 5:16Morning
    • Simposium: "Cultivate the fruitage of the Spirit"
    • Public Talk: "Reap Blessings Through Jehovah’s Spirit-Guided King"


    • Drama: "Do not leave the love you had at first"
    • "Loyally serving with Jehovah's Spirit directed organization"
  • vrythmax

    Blondie, thanks for the info. Can you tell me the locations around Oklahoma for 2008 such as OK itself if there are any and Texas and Kansas?

    Thanks again.


  • blondie

    For Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma (now there might be some in nearby states but I am not familiar with what those might be)



    Cal Farley Coliseum, Civic Cen ter, 401 S Buchanan St

    7/4-6, 7/18-20


    Bell County Expo Center Arena, 301 W Loop 121

    8/1-3, 8/8-10, 8/15-17

    Corpus Christi

    AmericanBank Center Arena, 1901 N Shoreline Blvd



    Richard E Berry Center Arena, 8877 Barker Cypress Rd

    6/13-15, 6/27-29, 7/4-6

    Fort Worth

    Convention Center, 111 Houston St

    6/13-15, 6/20-22, 6/27-29

    Kansas City, MO

    Kemper Arena, 1800 Genessee St


    St Charles, MO

    The Family Arena, 2002 Arena Pkwy

    7/4-6, 7/11-13

    Tulsa, OK

    Donald W Reynolds Center, University of Tulsa, 3208 E 8th St

    6/27-29, 7/4-6

    Convention Center, 100 Civic Center


  • vrythmax

    Wow, thanks Blondie! This is fantastic.

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