The Pioneer Houndings

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  • WTWizard

    It happens every year. In February (or January), the Kingdumb Misery announces the drive to pioneer. They always use the REJECT Jesus Party as the focus to pioneer, telling people that they need to pioneer because of that. The problem is that the Black Sabbath party is in April (or March, never both). The pioneer houndings are always March, April, and May (which never has this Black Sabbath). Often, Kingdumb Hells will shove auxiliary pioneer slips in people's faces, and the Kingdumb Miseries often have schedules that look like menu items to make it more appealing.

    There is a complication this year. You see, March has five full weekends and the Memorial Invite campaign. The campaign is easy work intended to waste people's time without giving them a chance to use their brains. People are asked to spend more time out--usually, when one of those campaigns is in progress, people are asked to stay out until 2 or 3 PM instead of their usual noon (and yet the waste of paper distribution did not get finished). Hence, we can expect much more than the usual number of auxiliary pioneers for the month of March (I hope they got nowhere near the number they hoped for).

    Not only that, but they showcase May as having five Saturdays (and I suppose June will be a pioneer month because there are five Sundays). This supposedly makes it "easy" for people that have to work regular schedules (which is not most witlesses that have to work evenings, nights, and/or weekends) to pioneer. Since when is an extra Sunday in the month going to make it "easy" for someone to get more than 50 hours if they struggle to get 10 or 12? At most, it will allow them to get an extra 2 or 3 hours that month.

    Yet, every year, many people turn in those slips. When I was in, I remember 20 or 30 people signing up to pioneer during one or more of those months. Of course, there was much ballyhooing (applause) about it, and they are supposed to make those hours. If they sign up and fail to make their time, they can expect a call from Brother Hounder. Yet they keep signing up every year, some for all three months.

    I hope very few people actually get in their time.

  • nomoreguilt

    Never ONCE did I pioneer in any way shape or form. However, every year, at this time they would start that damn campaign. On that Thursday evening at our hall they would always the names of those who had turned in thier slips. Oh My! I always got this knot in the pit of my we go again. All the do rights! Those brothers that worked ful time, the teenagers that wanted to impress their parents, the elders that wanted to set the FINE example for others.

    And so then the circus overseer would call of thier names and they would all sit up in their seats and just glow and beam and think "OH, what a fine dub am I'.!!! It made me sick. BFD! You aren't impressing me one bit....kiss my butt. They had no clue just how transparent they were.

    What with day light savings time, what a fine opportunity to be able to work late into the evening..OH! And of course, you WILL find more people home at that hour. Sure, disrupt their dinners, their qualtiy time with their families and then here comes them damn witnesses again. Don't they ever quit? Why can't they leave us alone.

    THEN....they would always announce that there was still TIME and more slips for those who MIGHT be able to rearange their schedules to join their friends in this fine work. BLAH BLAH BLAH

    My thoughts


  • Hope4Others

    I think lots just liked hearing the glory of their name being read off, many would sign up 1/2 way thru.


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