The new WT magazines and their titles....THE END IS NEAR......(again)

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  • justhuman

    I just got the new WT magazines and I had a lot of fan seeing the titles. I just translated from Greek to English so in the English version there must be some variation

    WT 14th of July "study edition", -Your deliverance is at hand

    WT 1st April "puplic edition" What is Armageddon? (interesting to have the 1 of April issue connected with Armageddon)

    AWAKE April-Should you be affraid of the future

    AWAKE-May- Are we living in the last days?

    It seems that WT is tightening the ropes. They know that they are loosing control( over their members+money)and they are desperate to point out that THE END IS NEAR. Again the alarm rings. but it's getting a monotonous tune to the hears of the JW's. The WT for a period of 150 years they are waiting for the big A to arrive...

  • WTWizard

    Don't they realize that an alarm does no good if it is sounding at all times? What if a fire alarm was going off at all times?

    An example: When I was in college, they had just installed new fire alarms. They were faulty (they had smoke detectors that could go off for shower steam). This replaced the ones where someone had to pull the box to set off. For about 2 weeks after they were installed, they would always go off at about 6:45 AM every day (I, in fact, got up fairly early and would set my own alarm clock to 6:30 so I would be ready). Needless to say, I never suspected a real fire, but merely shower steam (which is what it was).

    Now, suppose they never fixed it. Suppose that, every time someone took a shower, the fire alarms would regularly go off. Pretty soon, people would assume it is just shower steam and no one would evacuate the building (you are supposed to get out of the building when it goes off). Then one day, there is a real fire (or bomb). People are going to presume it's just a shower alarm, and ignore it until the building is totally in flames or the bomb goes off. The alarm is going to do no good.

    This is what the Watchtower Society is doing. Ever since about 2006, they have been more or less continually sounding that "fire alarm". Previously, it was like the old college pranks where someone would pull an alarm. Now, every little thing (like that shower) is setting it off. It has been going off more or less continuously, that Armageddon is coming within the next three months or so, ever since 2006. They tried to set off the Great Tribulation in late 2006, and their efforts were like setting off a wet firecracker. All through 2007, they were telling people that Armageddon was nigh (and I still remember the June 12 disaster). And now--what makes me think this is anything more than a continuation of their childish game of setting off the alarm for shower steam?

    The end will come when one of two things happens (and neither event will involve being a witless in perfect standing as the key to a good outcome). First, the Watchtower Society could go bust (which is the one I hope for). Second, they could somehow succeed in taking control of the whole world, plunging all of us into the Second Dark Ages. And, then I don't think I would want to be alive.

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