How was my wife told to handle a un-believer?

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  • kzjw

    I'm a "Believe what you want" kinda guy, so when my wife got involved w/ Bible study 16 years ago, I didn't think much of it. what could be wrong with having Bible knowledge? Then came teh teocratic put downs because I didn't believe what she did. Then came baptism and the whole game changed! The ups & downs she followed in the doctirnes to the point of where it pxxxed me off, and I began my 1st research a decade or so ago. I took the hardline approach, big mistake. She systematically hid me from the doctirne of the Borg, because I questioned it's very existence. Leaning to the elders for advice, while the hwhole time I'm looking like a tyrannical axxhole!

    I'm on my 2nd research string, better knowledge(Captives of a Concept, Crisis of Concsience, Watchtower comments & this site) and Iv'e even developed an "understanding" of sorts with one of the elders form her congo(no, I don't trust him) But I'm finding that the more I learn the less I know. Who will enlighten me on things I may have missed about how she was told to handle an "unbelieving" husband?

  • daniel-p

    Welcome, kzjw. interesting post. So you're not a JW, and never studied with them, correct? Most of the guidelines your wife is going by are from the Watchtower magazine. Basically, they employ the "wait and see" attitude, where your wife hopes and prays that someday you'll see the light. Any attempt will be made to get you in contact with people in the congregation, specifically, elders with whom you can relate to and who will build a repore with you. She'll be pitied in the congregation if you're labelled as an "opposing husband." Unbelieving mates are categorized as either "opposing," or "favorable." Basically, if you listen to the elders politely, and don't come off as critical of JW beliefs, then you're "favorable" by default. If however, you educate yourself about the JWs and talk about your findings, you'll quickly be labelled as "opposing."

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