Last farewell-Queens tribute to SirEd Hillary

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  • karter

    The Queen had a service at windsor castle for Sir Ed this week. He was a great yet humble man . He reached the top of Everest the same day the Queen was coronated he dedicated it to her. I come from the same town as Sir Ed he was very approachable his phone number was in the phone book and school children doing projects would ring him & he would talk to them & was a regular visiter to schools. He worked very hard to help the lot of the Sherpas in Napaul. He never said who 1st put there foot on top of Everest him or Sherpa Tesning norgate that went to the grave with both of them . R.I.P Ed Hillary Karter

  • bigmouth

    He was certainly a nice bloke, Hillary.

    And unlike most, he gained his Knighthood for being a selfless servant of others and NOT because he was clever at making a whole lot of money as seems to be more common.

    Nice to see another Kiwi on here. A belated welcome to you.


  • chickpea

    fare thee well sir edmund

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