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  • joelbear69

    you take a bright kid who likes to be outside playing
    in the mud or a dirt pile or romping through the woods
    or reading a book or playing a game. in other words,
    a kid who need to be totally engaged with stimulating
    input and put him in a cell (Kingdom Hall) for 5 hours
    a week where he is exposed to totally mind numbing, repetitive
    droning of information that is not engaging and expect
    him to just sit there. then 3 times a year take him to
    3 to 5 day long 8 to 10 hours a day of the same droning
    and when he's young you take him outside and spank him
    for not sitting perfectly still or twist his ear or thump his
    head when
    you catch him talking to the kid next to him.

    you take a bright teenager who excels in every subject
    at school and you tell him that his only future is going
    from door to door repeating the same words over and over
    again to people and deny him the opportunity to go to
    college and get more of the input that he craves so bad
    that he aches in his soul

    you take a 30 year old man who went out and schooled himself
    found a job, without your help and literally created a
    position for himself in a bank where he did outstanding work
    for 10 years. who couldn't stand the pressure of pretending
    to be someone who he wasn't, breaking hearts, causing pain
    for himself and others. who lived in personal private agony
    because he could not touch the person he loved or even
    tell anyone how he felt. then when this kind gentle man
    decides to tell the world the truth about himself, you take
    him away instantly from his world, where he has hundreds of
    loved ones that now all consider him dead.

    you take a 50 year old man who has spent 20 years struggling
    to prove he is worth something, after his family has told him
    he is worthless, who has achieved making a life for himself
    and a partner, with a home and a long term relationship and
    continue to treat him as if he was a 10 year old that has
    no valid opinion. a man who has made so many compromises to
    try and connect with you.

    you end up with a man who is ready to die, he is tired. he
    wants the pain to stop. a man who has always chosen security
    over freedom which has given him the superficial appearance
    of contentment while inside there is still the intense curious
    mind that you strapped into a hood with breathing holes and led into
    a mine field full of barbed wire for him to work his way through
    trying to find himself.

  • R.Crusoe

    That is the reality of WT setting you free and into their Colliseum arena to fight with beasts of their own making!

  • VoidEater


    I get it.

    I was luckier - much luckier. Looking back, I started to fade while I was still a teenager. Never looked at it like that before. Somehow my young mind (that also excelled in school, and started career life with "exceeds meritorious" in performance appraisals) would not accept the beliefs being delivered. Somehow my parents maintained a degree of independent thought, though to this day don't understand how.

    I was a loner, too, amongst all that. Losing the few friendships inside didn't hurt as much. Not immediately finding lots of outside friendships didn't bother me.

    When I am that tired, I lay in the sun. I feel the warmth on my skin. I feel the inside of my body at rest. I let the light seep through my eyelids. It helps.

    With rest, and freedom - especially freedom from beliefs that have been planted within us, beliefs that we would never have come up with on our own - there can be healing.

  • R.Crusoe

    Finally you realise you are part of nature and will become whatever its unknown will is for you - and that is just how its always been - outa your hands - so feel the essence within your soul and the essence of all life around and know you are one and the same in the time that you share it!

  • joelbear69

    how do you let go of the side of the pool?

  • WTWizard

    And the worst part is that the Asleep! magazine teases people by showcasing all the variety of hobbies and skills that the witlesses claim to be encouraging. All the while, they are stifling those very talents by wasting the victims' time peddling them instead of developing them. Of course, the accuracy therein is very dubious at best, since those writing the articles are poorly integrated and could not even begin to do the things listed in those Asleep!'s to save their lives.

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