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  • V

    PM me for more information. Feel free to participate:

    If you are receiving this email, you may have volunteered to help Watchtower Comments share our videos across the web. This tactic is designed to keep existing and future videos from being surpressed by copyright claims from the Watchtower Society.

    You can find Watchtower Comments videos ready for download here:

    These are revised videos that removed "Knocking" content from the introduction. Please do not upload the older versions with Knocking footage. The videos are rendered in 640X480 resolution and will appear well on DVD/TV if you decide to burn hardcopies.

    You may already have YouTube accounts. Please consider other video-share sites including:

    Metacafe: www.metacafe.com
    Google Video: http://video.google.com
    Yahoo Video: http://video.yahoo.com
    GodTube: www.godtube.com

    As videos are added, please continue to upload them to your accounts.

    RULE NUMBER 1! Always use "Watchtower Comments" in the title!! This will enable viewers to find us on any search engine. We may not always have a central place to reference the videos, it is essential to use "Watchtower Comments" in the title.

    I encourage you to enable comments and embedding if applicable.

    If you receive a takedown notice, let the account die or remove the video. This is viral. Our video accounts are easily replaced. The videos comply with fair use guidelines and are not illegal. However the Watchtower will stongarm information enemies with threats of expensive lawsuits. The goal is to multiply the target beyond their resources.

    Please report back with your progress and forward this to anyone who will join our project.

    Thank you so much for you help. Go to it!

  • ldrnomo

    These video's are truly a blessing from God please keep them coming and let us here on the forum if there is anything we can do to help, IE: money, activity, etc....


  • Inquisitor

    Yes a divine "blessing" indeed. I mean it's not like any rational thought went into it. Just extra-terrestrial intervention.


  • BFD

    Thanks, V. I will work on getting these videos posted on my YouTube account as soon as possilble. Most likely will have it done this weekend! Thanks for all your hard work.

    Those damn fools don't realize the exposure for WT Comments is going to increase exponentially due to thier threats. Thanks, Engardio! LOLZ


  • BFD

    Just wanted to btt and also everyone, please note it is so easy to set up a YouTube account. I encourage each and everyone of you to do this and upload all the WT Comments videos and post them on your account.

    When you do please include "Watchtower Comments" in the title just as V asked.



  • Poztate
    Watchtower will strongarm information enemies with threats of expensive lawsuits. The goal is to multiply the target beyond their resources.

    "The little one himself will become a thousand and the small one a mighty nation. I myself V shall speed it up in its own time. Isaiah 60:22

    Thanks V. I know I am speaking for a "great crowd" when I say that your hard work is greatly appreciated.

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